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Thursday, July 25, 2013


The summer gardens are really starting to produce now and there is an abundance of squash.    I live in New Mexico and we eat a lot of southwest food so I decided to add some southwest flavor to the squash I had on hand.

Enchilada's are one of our favorite foods, so I am going to make some Squash-chilada's for lunch today.

 Our daughter maintains her weight by staying on a low carb, I am going to substitute squash for tortillas.   She will take the left overs for her midnight meal tonight at the hospital  (she's an RN)

Cut your squash in half to make a "boat"...I trim some of the bottom off to make them set level in the pan.   Microwave your boats for about 4 minutes.   Then scoop the seeds out and save to add to your chicken. 

I keep pre cooked chicken in the freezer at all times for a quick meal.   Saute some onions and garlic in olive oil....when they are done, add the chicken to the pan and heat thru.   Then, you will spoon this mixture into your boats....cover with foil...and cook for about 10 minutes at 350.

While those are baking in the oven, you can make your enchilada sauce.   Enchilada sauce is nothing more than southwest gravy!   Put 3T of oil in a sauce pan and turn the heat on.   Mix 3T of flour with 2T of chili powder and salt to taste.   When your oil is hot add the flour/chili mix to it.  Stir till it is a "roux", then carefully add water while whisking the mixture. I start with about a water glass of water...just add til it's the thickness that you like.   I sometimes substitute bacon grease for the oil and sometimes chicken broth for the water.   You will need to experiment with chili powder to see what "heat" you prefer.  The one I am using is medium.

Our squash boats are ready to pull out of the oven.   We will spoon some sauce on the top....

add some shredded cheese (whatever kind you like)  I used medium cheddar.  Put them back in the oven uncovered for another 10 minutes or until hot.   While they are cooking, I am going to make some guacamole.

Dice some tomatoes and garlic...add to your mashed avacado   We will add green chili or jalapanos later as H likes it hot and I like it medium!   Does your guac turn brown?   Be sure to add a few drops of lemon juice to it and stir in one of the left over pits.  
Our plates are filled and we are ready to eat!   I am also serving shredded cauliflower "spanish rice" so it will be low carb for our daughter  (she will have very little sauce on her Squash-chilada as it is not low carb)   I'll share my recipe for Cauliflower Spanish Rice another time!


  1. Looks and sounds delish Penny!... I used to love eating at my grandmothers in New Mexico as she always fixed enchiladas for us... everything from scratch... your squash~aladas look great, thanks for sharing!... love guac too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. mmm . . . this looks awesome!

  3. Wow this looks so good. Thanks for sharing this recipe at TTF.


  4. Those look GOOD! Thanks for the recipe- xo Diana

  5. Penny,
    They look good!! This type of food is not common in my area. We are just now seeing an increase in the Latino population and with them, their foods and traditions which are wonderful!
    Unfortunately, with my IBS and other GI issues, I can not eat fruits and vegetables......Finally we are having some low humidity and temps. in the high 70's...Perfect weather in my book!!



  6. Wow, Enchilada Sauce is so easy. Who knew? I buy the canned sauce but that is only because I didn't have a recipe so thank you! My Hubbie and boys will be very happy, I'm sure of that! I'm surprised that there are not tomatoes in the sauce. Could you add them? Thank you!!

  7. Fabulous idea to substitute the squash for the tortilla. Thanks!!

  8. What a great idea and a carb/calorie saver. Can't wait to make this. Thank you so much for adding your recipe to Foodie Friday!

  9. YUM! This all looks so good! I'm sure your daughter loved all you did for her ! I'll definitely be back to pin and try these myself! Thanks Penny!

    Sue @ t2

  10. Looks really good. My Aunt had just given me some squash. Thanks for the recipe. Take care, Darlene

  11. love your blog-I too am living in New Mexico and love flowers especially roses...Terry

  12. You were featured on Blissful and Domestic's Recipe Page. Check it out!

    -Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic

  13. I love finding new ways to use zucchini! My man might need some convincing, though. Or maybe I'll just have to make them on one of the 1 in 3 nights he works. Thanks for this recipe!


  14. Wonderful recipe! and I loved finding out that enchilada sauce is southwest gravy. I'm Southern so I know how to make gravy!

  15. Wonderful recipe! and I loved finding out that enchilada sauce is southwest gravy. I'm Southern so I know how to make gravy!

  16. These are awesome! Pinning!

    Thanks so much for sharing at A Peek Into My Paradise TGIF Link Party! I can't wait to see what you link up next week! I hope to see you at the (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!
    Have a terrific week!
    Hugs, Cathy

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have had a great weekend and have a fabulous week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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