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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making Room for the Christmas Tree

This is the time of year that I start planning how I want to decorate the house for Christmas....where I will place trees....wreaths...vignettes...and other holiday decor.     The tree is always my biggest problem as I will need a good sized area cleared for it.
H and I decided to tackle that problem this morning.   The first thing we did was swap the couch in the family room for the one in the sunroom.    What does that have to do with making  a place for the tree....nothing!     BUT....some people ...and you know who you are,  have been saying that the sofa in the sunroom is so much more comfy than the one in the family room.  We spend more time in the family room around the holidays,  so I want everyone to be comfy!
So we flip flopped the sofas....
Here is the new home for the old family room sofa.   As you can see,  I haven't got the sunroom back together yet.
I wanted a little more pink on the sofa so I replaced the white cushion covers with pink ones.   I also moved the coffee table to the sunroom and put a big ottoman in front of the sofa.   Put your feet up and stay!  How can I do that with a big silver tea set on it you ask....well,  it's only there for the goes back to the dining room table after I take the pictures.    

I changed the covers on the love seat too.... 
I added more pink to match the sofa....
I also placed the love seat on a diagonal that leaves a space behind it in the corner of the room for....finally,  wait for it....a Christmas tree.   I bet you thought I would never get to the tree part of my post.

See the stuff kind of piled at the left end of the sofa?   After Thanksgiving,   the wheel chair will be rolled to the garage for the holidays,  the chandy will be moved and keep your fingers crossed that it will fit..... a pretty pink and white Christmas tree will be put there.


  1. I love your house and what you do !!! love love love it!

  2. Dear Penny, So very beautiful!!! I cannot believe the holidays are upon us!! Blessings, Catherine

  3. Penny...i love before and after! Your home is gorgeous and you are so talented to decor it.

  4. Dear Penny,
    I so much love your house and decorations <3

  5. un refuge plein de douceurs
    j'aime beaucoup toute vos installations
    dire que c'est bientôt NOËL
    edith (iris)

  6. Penny,
    Everything looks great and you know, as I have said it before, how jealous I am that you have all that space!!!
    I have so much to do around the house but I am also involved in planning our Craft Fair and that is taking up a lot of my precious time......... It seems like I can never get caught up...


  7. Your room looks so nice and big. I know you have a lot of tree's..if I remember right. GOOD GRIEF! has it been nearly a year that I went on that hunt for a teapot and cups from Mary Engelbriet?? :) You've given me a wonderful year of fun watching you decorate! My home is much more LACY then it ever was!! I'm looking forward to seeing your tree's!

  8. Every year, we have to make room for the Christmas tree. I would love to have a house that isn't cluttered with furniture, etc. One day...

  9. You are getting there...and getting a nice early start, too. I always shift furniture in this house for Christmas, too. You do pretty so good!!! xo Diana

  10. You have ALOT to work with and it's fun to see! Thanks for sharing. Cannot wait to see your Christmas tree too!!

  11. My fingers are definitely crossed - can't wait to see your Christmas decorations. Thank you for sharing your plan of attack with Make It Monday.

  12. Your home looks so comfy and pretty. We always have trouble squeezing in the Christmas tree. Couches are moved, complaints are made (the husband) and so on, every year. ;) Jo


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