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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Coastal Christmas

I have had my bath decorated in a coastal theme for almost two years....and I still love it!   I added some holiday touches to the existing decor...simple and quick.
I put up the crystal vase of silk spring flowers that were still out....cleaned off the splattered toothpaste from the heart!  ( Ky and I share this bath and she's pretty wild with the tooth cleaning)   I put a fur wrap around the shoulders of my bust and took that mess off her head and left her with just a simple tiara..    
Actually,....truth be told....I needed that aqua bling on her head to embellish my Santa's cap and sleeves.   I also added a "fish net of shells"  to his arm.    You can barely see them,  but I added some sea shells to the bottle brush tree and also a small string of lights.
Here is the corner before.....................................................and after

 As I am writing this post,   I see from the clock on the vanity that it took me about an hour to add the holiday touches....that includes digging out the fur pieces from under my bed and blinging up the Santa and tree.      EDITING the pictures  is what takes me so long!

This is the opposite side of the vanity.    I added a fur stocking and a big sparkly snow flake to the vignette.
I hung a little sea shell wreath on each one of the chandys.
The mirror above  this side of the vanity reflects a nearby window where I propped a metal picture of Santa up against the window and a laid a fur piece on the window sill.
Here is a close up of the Santa.

As you can see,   there is not a door as you enter my bath.    Soooo,   I put up a ruffled curtain that I can draw if I need privacy.   The shower and everything else is to your left as you come into the room.     I am trying to get some of the smaller decorating done before Thanksgiving,  so all I will have left to do is decorate the big tree (   '!  )


  1. Nice coastal touches in that room, Penny. It really looks nice. You really are ahead of the game this year. I won't start until after Thanksgiving because I have dinner here with everyone coming this year. xo Diana

  2. Your bathroom is gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty and fairy. You are incredible Penny!

  3. Penny, everything is beautiful I love this can't wait for more.

  4. Penny,
    Love the Coastal Theme. I hope to do a coastal Tree in the Living Room in the Summer after the 4th of July is over this coming year. I am on a posting break until Thanksgiving week. I pulled out of being a vendor at our church's craft fair and now will just be in charge and get to walk around and visit and actually enjoy the event so I am now really looking forward to it. I have been decorating but slowly but I will be off several days a week for the next 2 weeks so I hope to get a lot done then. We did start the outside of the house yesterday which I will finish today because we are having temps. in the 60's but after this, Winter temps. will arrive with a vengance for the next few weeks so I want to get the outside done so i will not freeze to death out there while decorating!!
    Looking forward to seeing all your decorating! You are always so inspiring and I did finish my guest room with things I bought on Clearance last year after being inspired by your white tree from last year's Christmas! Some sneak peak pics are on my blog now...


  5. Very pretty! I love the layers and layers of beads and necklaces on the bust. Thanks so much for joining the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  6. Always so much fun to see what you have done. I love the different little touches you add for interest! I always have to enlarge and look..and look some more. SO pretty, Penny!!

  7. Like the way you mixed the coastal in with the bling. I especially love the fur collar and tiara on the bust.

  8. I love your sense of style and your attention to detail! I love all the pearls- so feminine and romantic! Well done! :)

  9. Such a beautifully romantic style... so many pretty things. :)

  10. Oh I LOVE the fur collars!! I collect them and fur stoles and fur jewelry and anything furish when I can find them at estate sales or thrift stores. My Mom had them when I was growing up. I just LOVE them!! My livingroom is decorated with them and a lot of vintage bling!! LOL My daughter and her friends call it m museum!! I have little vinettes in there and it is my most very favorite room in my house!! XOXO Love Fran.

  11. Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!

  12. You are amazing! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls


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