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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Displaying Putz Houses

I have a few Putz houses that I have collected over the years and I like to put them out each Christmas to enjoy thru the holiday season.      I have put them on the cupboards.....trying not to display them the same way every year.
This year,   I made a small vignette in my dried flower basket.   It's a pretty large basket that I use during the summer to dry my flowers.   
Before I show you my Putz basket,   I wanted you to see the roses that I cut yesterday....yes yesterday....the 5th of November!
I did a post a few weeks ago saying I had cut the last roses of the summer.....guess!    AND....the yellow roses are budded out!
Okay,  back to the basket......I took the white bow off and replaced it by wrapping silver tinsel around the basket handle.   I made a big pink satin bow and tied that to the front of the handle.     I then filled the empty basket with a white fluffy tinsel that reminds me of snow.
I set my Putz house on one side.....

and put one of the ornament trees I made a few years ago on the opposite side.

  The tinsel "bed" elevates the house and helps to hold the tree in place.    This project took longer to gather my supplies than it did to make it.
I have a fun idea of how to display some of the other houses a different way back soon to show you! 


  1. We are still harvesting tomatoes from our garden here in zone 6. What a crazy year!
    Beautiful display. I've wanted to collect houses of some kind for years. The ones from the craft stores just don't seem quite right for some reason. Maybe I need to start looking for Putz ones.

  2. Penny,
    Very pretty!! Love the angels too!! I am still trying to take down Fall and Halloween when I am awake on the days I am working . I will be off the weekend so I hope I can get more accomplished. We did put everything away from the outside of the house and hope to decorate that next week....I have been playing in the upstairs though....LOL!!


  3. I love those little putz houses. I never knew what they were called before I started blogging. I just think they are so cute and I love how you have glitzed it all up. xo Diana

  4. I really love your basket! You always do such amazing things. Fun, fun. XX Jo

  5. I <3<3<3 putz houses and any kind of glitter houses! Can't resist them! Thy just make my heart go pitter patter and yours are beautiful!

  6. Oh Penny! You are SO clever! You do things that most of us out here would never dream of...or probably have the gorgeous goodies to accomplish. Even if we had all the things you have, we couldn't do it...or at least "I" couldn't do it. It would just never enter my head to create things you create!! AMAZING! How I love detail and you have that in abundance! LOVE IT ALL!

  7. Wow Penny! You have the most beautiful home! I love visiting your blog! Please remember to come join the link up party at I would love for you to share as many of your BEAUTIFUL posts as you'd like. I host a new link up party each Wednesday, but the link ups last a whole week, so you can link up at any time. God bless.

  8. Dear Penny, your creations are wonderful! The houses are fairy, everything is fairy. I love, really love how you display your fatanstic decors.

  9. Thanks for coming and linking up at The Weekend Social. Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST The Midnight Baker ! I hope to see you there!

  10. Lovin' your pink Christmas! Beautiful!

  11. I love the putz houses in the basket with the cherubs. So lovely, Penny! Thank you for linking this beautiful vignette at Make It Monday.

  12. I have a collection of Putz houses as well. You have displayed yours beautifully and have given me some good ideas on how to display them.

  13. This is looking like a winter wonderland Penny ! So pretty!

  14. Thank you for posting on Motivation Monday!


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