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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Booth

I took some pictures of my booth yesterday when I went down to add some new stock.   I will apologize in advance for not getting a photo of the left side of the booth!   If you look really close,  you can see the DF table and the tea cup display above it.
I did get a photo of the DF table when I took this!
 Anyway,  back on track ......I added some vintage Avon bottles to my booth this morning.    Sitting on the mirror,   you can see 7 pretty bottles that I am selling as a set.   In the right corner of the photo you can see a set of Avon silver candlesticks that are also for sale.
Where did I get all these bottles you ask.....I got them at a yard sale last week end.    There were 2 big totes full of Avon bottles.        The first photo is a small batch by the kitchen sink that need to be washed.    The second photo is a group of bottles on the island that have already been washed and need to be priced.    The third photo is a pile of chess pieces on the floor by my!   And the fourth photo is the second  big tote that I still need to sort thru.
I have three Bird of Paradise bottles in the center of the photo that are priced as a set.....and to the left are two Bird of Paradise bottles that are priced as a set.
Set of four Occur! bottles....the center one is a vase.
I scattered a few Avon bottles in this cabinet....
and some more on the top of this white cabinet.
  Do you like my shutter shelf that is hung over the cabinet?   
One of my auction buddies has the booth across from mine....she also owns the shop where I have my booth.
Karen sells all kinds of kitchen table cloths,  napkins,  you name it ...she has it.
She also has a big Christmas booth with tons of table cloths,  aprons,  and vintage Christmas decor.
Karen's dad has a wonderful vintage camera booth..... and her mom also has a couple of booths.
Did I keep any bottles for myself?   Well,   maybe a!   I couldn't part with this green Jadeite fish and pretty crystal candle holder.
I sold lots of stuff in October so my booth isn't as full as usual..   I need to quit decorating for Christmas here at home and get some more stuff  priced for my booth!


  1. Your booth looks great Penny! I'd love to shop there.

  2. For some reason, I've really taken a liking to Jadeite. I only have one little tiny piece, but think it is so pretty. Your booth is spectacular. My grandma, years and years ago, was an Avon lady and had all those wonderful Avon bottles that would be worth money these days. I have no idea whatever happened to them. I was just a kid, so they were not within my grasp to own. They were probably thrown out, because back then they weren't special. That's the way it is with vintage, isn't it! And now these things are treasures.

  3. I could spend some serious time...and damage in your botth Penny!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  4. WOW! You have an awesome booth, Penny- and so do your comrades there- very impressive. I think I could spend hours in those booths shopping and looking. Hope you have a fantastic from now till after the holidays success with your shop. : - ) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Penny, your booth does look good, and your shelf over the cabinet is great. It's always fun to see fellow bloggers' booths. We just reworked ours yesterday for the holidays, and I'll have a post within the week on it. Your buddy Karen gets the collecting gene honestly, it would appear, lol, with both parents having booth spaces too. Her linens are jaw-dropping amazing. Good luck with your holiday season!

  6. Would love to browse in your booth! I can't believe I saw a doily that matches four a friend just gave me a few weeks ago! Her deceased husband's grandmother back on an Iowa farm crocheted them. I put all four on my dresser, side by side, and it looks very pretty. It's the doily that's hanging over the side of a dark cabinet, and in the cabinet is some cream-colored crockery with orange/brown leaves on them. What price are you asking for it, if I may ask?

  7. That is a wonderful booth, Penny. I can see that you have as much fun styling your booth as you do in your home. It all looks great. Fun find with all those bottles. xo Diana

  8. Penny, your booth is awesome and the vintage Christmas items makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Id love to shop there! Everything is wonderful. Thanks for the sweet comment on fb

  10. Awesome AVON score!! Pretty booth from a pretty lady!! XOXO Love Fran.

  11. Gorgeous booth...boy oh boy could I have fun in there!


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