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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Santas

Rather than put my library ladder away for the holidays,   I decided to use it in my holiday decor.     In my eyes,    I could see it as a mountain with a village of Putz houses  at different levels on the mountain.  
 I strung aqua lights around the ladder and added a small  white tree in the back  and a small pink bottle brush  tree in the front.    I wrapped  snowy white garland around the ladder legs where the light wire showed......just a finishing detail.

This is the top of my mountain    I have two church Putz houses , a forest of trees,  a blanket of snow,  and Thomas Kinkade Santas.
The Thomas Kinkade Santas that you will see scattered throughtout my village are a auction purchase from back in the summer.     I bought a "lot" of about 10 boxes of Christmas decor for $7.50    ( you can't give Christmas stuff away in the  One of the boxes contained all of these beautiful Santas.
Each Santa has a Thomas Kinkade winter scene painted on his coat.....
Take a trip down the mountain.....

I try to display my Christmas decor in a different way each the Putz houses are on the mantle in our bedroom last year.
To get the deets on the Putz house vignette on the end table to the right of the mountain click here.....

Til next time.....


  1. Bonjour,

    On retrouve son âme d'enfant en entrouvrant la porte de votre univers aujourd'hui... Très jolies décorations.
    Merci pour le partage de vos photos.

    Gros bisous ☼

  2. Penny-- What a wonderful tribute to Kincaid. It is so sad what his life came to when he was such a talented man. His life was lived so at odds with what he professed. A life and talent that left us way too soon. It is lovely- xo Diana

  3. What Nana Diana said! Have you seen the Hallmark Channel movie about him called The Christmas Cottage?

  4. Oh Penny, those Santas are so pretty. I have never seen them before they were a steal.

  5. PENNY!!!!!!!

    I am so jealous of all your wonderful Thomas Kinkaid Santa's!! I LOVE Thomas Kinkaid and do have quite a few of his pieces and those Santa's are to die for!! Love your "Mountain"!! I have those same Putz Houses for Target and this year, i painted some Snow on them......I am trying to work on the DR and LR but my knee is hindering that even though it is feeling better......


  6. What an amazing collection! Love this! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Penny, how on earth did you collect so much!! It's like a huge department store with every possible Christmas pretty one could want..all in one place. I only have the one Kinkade painting and I love it. I never even knew the Santa's existed. They are lovely. Gorgeous! My eyes would be on a swivel were I in your home. I don't know what to look at first..just beautiful!! I see things I've longed for. I never pass a photo without enlarging it. Thank you for giving us such a treat! Your posts make my day!!!

  8. Only one word....FAIRY!!!!!

  9. The santas are beautiful but those gorgeous glitter houses behind the santas make me swoon!

  10. Wow penny, you got a steal on those Santas! Can you imagine how much just one of them cost when newly purchased? I knew you would do something fun with that ladder for Christmas. I put my Dept. 56 houses on a ladder one year and it was fun. I am like you and enjoy changing things up from year to year. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. What a gorgeous display. Love all the Putz houses and the Santas are definitely to be envied. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy


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