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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vintage Pixie Bed Doll & Silver

These cute little pixie elf bed dolls were popular in the 50's.     My Grandma had one that she had made laying on the bed in the guest room....which also served as her sewing room.     Her elf  had a sweet little pink suit on and some of my Grandma's  hair glued to her little plastic head.
I found this one in an antique shop in Amarillo Texas Saturday and had to bring her home with me!
H and I had just been talking the other day about how we had not seen any silver at the yard sales in quite awhile.    Ever notice how things run in cycles at the yard sales?   Well,  this was the weekend for silver!
I found several pretty pieces.....some I will keep and some will go to my booth.
I also found these Reader's Digest that were published in the 50's.
The silver chafing dish in the back is headed to my booth,   but I think I'll keep the small tea set.    I have been trying to find enough small silver platters to make a wreath,  and I think these four may be just what I needed.


  1. You found some very nice pieces of silver, Penny, and the little elf doll is so cute! Looking forward to your Christmas decorating. Have a beautiful day and thanks for linking up with me for tea.


  2. What a cute little dolly Penny. You find so many wonderful treasures and I love seeing them shared. You have a jump start way ahead on decorating and inspire us all! So glad you shared!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and H, Penny! Wishing you many more happy years together.


  4. Happy anniversary! You found some goodies...even a small monteith. The pixie is so cute and so 50s! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  5. Hey Penny ..What a silver windfall... It's so nice to find a silverware kindred spirit9 ha Ha)..Most people hate cleaning it... but I just love the look of silverware .... Your little elf is right back in style with Christmas's .." Elf on the shelf" .. I do think your 50's elves is much cuter though....Happy Anniversary...Hugs

  6. Dear Penny, I would have had to bring that adorable doll home with me too. I like the tea set too. Blessings, Catherine

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your silver wreath!

  8. Penny,
    Your plans for a wreath sound amazing! Can't wait to see it and all your decorations. We finished the outside of the house and just in time because Temps. will be dropping here and some snow is predicted for Monday!! I am now stating the LR and the DR.
    Take Care,

  9. She is adorable surrounded by all that silver. You have the best ideas, thank you.

  10. I LOVE silver, but prefer mine polished so I finally got it all done yesterday. Your little doll looks so vintage. I have not seen one of those in years. Wonder how old she is. She looks in great condition.

  11. so eine süße puppe!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  12. Penny, the little pixie is just perfect mixed among that gorgeous silver! I kind of remember them. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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