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Sunday, March 1, 2015

User Friendly Kitchen

Our mini remodel in the kitchen has made more progress in making the kitchen  more user friendly.    This past week H did some painting and construction work in the cabinets under the stove.

I almost didn't show you the before photos because the area really looked much worse than I thought after we took everything off the!  
 The first thing H did was remove the center shelf....why you ask....because I didn't have a shelf anywhere in the kitchen that had enough "head room" to put the mixer on.     For all these years,  we had to go to the garage to get the mixer.    I think that we will use the big mixer a lot more now that it is handy.    The pretty red mixer was a Christmas gift from H and I to my mother about ten years ago 
H also plugged a strip into the electric outlet at the back of the cabinet....which we could never use.... and hung the strip right at the front where it will be really handy.

Since the mixer will be stored there now,   I decided to put some of my "baking needs" in the same area too.    I put some big mixing bowls by the mixer.   The aqua set of 4 bowls  are ones that H and I got over 40 years ago in our wedding shower.   We still use them all the time.   

I have a chicken wire basket to hold all my cupcake supplies.....

The colored mixing bowls are ones that my mother collected over the years.   I had another complete set that I gave to our daughter to use.     The glass rolling pin belonged to my grand mother and the rest I have collected over the years.

I have my measuring spoons and cups handy     You can see my French cutting board behind them.

Can you see how the basket of cupcake supplies fits nicely over the bowls when the door is shut?

The cupcake picture on the door and the one inside the cabinet are from an outdated calender that I had.   H just stapled them to the wood.  
My pink measuring cups are hung on cup hooks and have a fabric bow tied to the hook that matches the other fabric I have used in the kitchen.
  I think H is going to start painting the inside of the cabinets on each side of these Monday,  so I will be back soon with more photos of our mini kitchen remodel


  1. Hi Penny! Oh, this looks great! I love seeing your pretty things and how nice to get so organized! I see those pretty turquoise bowls! Love them..
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. That looks just great, Penny. It will be so handy to have all your stuff together now. I would probably cover those really cute cupcake calendar pictures with some of that matte clear contact paper so they last forever. LOVE them. xo Diana

  3. This looks so wonderful and so organized

  4. So pretty and so functional, you certainly have a lovely and very feminine touch :)
    I think it is beautiful, but I can't see my hubby cooking in your kitchen . . . and he likes to cook.
    He likes to make big messes too, LOL

  5. Oh wow, so much function in one spot! I totally agree with you, that center shelf in bottom cabinets never does a good job for storing appliances and I always ask hubby to alter it to suit the needs of where it is at. Great job!

  6. I know you will be the one to help me. For years I have been looking for ruffled lace Chris cross percillia curtains. Do you have any idea where I can buy them? Also the rods? As a child I grew up with them in my bedroom and now as a senior I would love to have them back.

  7. Penny,
    OMG!! This looks so pretty!! I love it!! I am so inspired to do something like this to our cabinets but as I keep saying with all your posts on this wonderful Kitchen update, is that it will have to wait until Joe retires.. The inside before you re did your cabinets looks like many of ours currently including mine!!
    Since I bought my new mixer, I have the problem of where I am going to put it. I need to go through all my cabinets and get rid of a lot of things that are no longer used and only taking up space.
    Thanks once again for the inspiration!!


  8. Love your little baking center ! The baskets hanging on the inside of the cabinets is a fabulous idea!

  9. Hi Penny,

    Your kitchen is so lovely....thanks for sharing and giving me inspiration....I'm going to be adding cabinets to one side of my kitchen where there's now a plain wall and I'm putting in a baking center as what you did with yours---except my mixer (Christmas present from the hubby) will be out --- it is an ice blue color that goes great with my color scheme.

  10. That is a really BIG cupboard! Mine is large but not that large and it's in a corner and impossible to do much with. Just one door. We installed sliding racks so that all I have to do is pull it out and everything is right there. I just have the worst trouble getting down on my knee's anymore. I do it..but it's can be hard. I would LOVE to have under sink lighting. We tired those stick up ones...but I want one that comes on when I open the door, like the refigerator. :):)
    I know, I know, it's not going to happen! :)
    It's all so cute. I would hate to even clost my cupboard doors!!

  11. Hi, I'm visiting from Show and Share. I've loved this mini-tour of your kitchen cupboard. So many ideas. It's all so cute, especially, the Pyrex.

  12. Everythign looks so pretty! The cupcake picture is very beautiful. Your kitchen, like your home, is full of roamntic ideas.

  13. Your kitchen is my dream kitchen, Penny! I love how your cupboards are even beautiful :) And a basket for your cupcake sweet! My son would love that.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

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  15. (ugh, posting this again because I need a proofreader :S)

    You have quite possibly the prettiest kitchen I've ever seen. That rooster is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your under-counter organization. I could definitely use some help in that area - everything is everywhere! I found you through the Wednesday Roundup link party, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of your home :).

  16. It is amazing what you've done to your kitchen. Stunning!

  17. I love kitchen organizational projects and yours is coming out lovely!! I will be pinning this :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week Penny!

  18. You've made such good use of the space you have! Thank so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  19. Hello Penny - I love how you've not only made your kitchen user friendly, but have done it in such a lovely way! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  20. Hi Penny,
    Your cabinets look great. I love the new white paint. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party.
    Have a great week and I look forward to seeing what you you have for this week's party.


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