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Friday, June 12, 2015

Growing Vegetables and Flowers

The flowers and vegetable plants in our yard are getting so big!    The leaves on this squash plant are about 12" across.   H planted vegetables in the vintage washing machines this year instead of his usual...... flowers.

The plants are loaded with blooms,  so we should be enjoying fresh vegetables soon

The squash plant in the washing machine on the other side of the clothes line isn't quite as big,     

The green house is just gorgeous......

The flowers are blooming.....

and we have been enjoying fresh tomato's for a couple of weeks.....

The plants in containers are doing very well....

  You can see a couple of our cats looking at their bowls wondering when we will give them their treat for the night.     They have a large house and a dry food feeder behind the closed door on the left.

Isn't the trumpet vine beautiful this year?    We found a yellow trumpet vine this spring to plant on the other side of the tea room.....should be pretty next year.

H has another garden on the small side space that runs the length of the studio.    You can see the grape vines that are behind the studio.....and some of my junk that has been stashed back there out of sight.

Our hydrangea's......

The Oakleaf Hydrangea has it's first bloom of the season....
We went out yard  today and I took a few photo's around town.    Loved the old tractor hidden in the bushes in this yard.....
Look at this cute play house....

Here is a close up.....

Enjoy your gardens this summer!


  1. It's all so beautiful and lush, Penny! I just noticed that California has been given aid due to the drought. I'm wondering how long I can keep my plants and grass alive. It's already looking so stressed... You are going to have some lovely veggies...for sure.
    I'm SO glad you like the wallpaper. It's not pink so..I wasn't think you would really care for it. It comes across rather, I am pleased you like it.

  2. Everything is so beautiful, your yard and gardens are always amazing! Thank-you for sharing your awesome home with us.

  3. Hi Penny
    Your gardens are so lush and beautiful. We do not have any veggies yet, we are waiting though and looking forward to our first tomato. Yours are just gorgeous. I love your trumpet vine. We have one also, I have never seen yellow. I bet it will be pretty. Your hydrangea is just gorgeous! that is one of my favorite flowers in the summer
    enjoy your weekend, thanks for sharing your sweet garden

  4. Fabulous! I really enjoyed your trumpet vine especially but all was gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Everything is just gorgeous! All of the green and vegetables and flowers are such a treat for the eyes of this Californian who is suffering through drought ravaged surroundings. Those hollyhocks are perfect and your trumpet vine is stunning!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  6. Your garden looks wonderful, Ours is terrible do not know why ,I think we need new dirt
    Hope you have a HPS

  7. Your garden is coming along very nicely,How lovely to have all those blooming plants!! I am not sure why we are having such troubles here other than we went to a new place for our veggie plants this year. The ones from seed seem to be doing well but the established plants not so much

  8. Your gardens are just thriving, Penny! Those tomatoes are beautiful and I bet they taste divine, nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato! Enjoy the rest of your harvest! Blessings, Cindy

  9. Quite a green thumb the two of you have! Great job! Hey! Let me know how you did your clothes line will you? I want to add one sooo bad to my farm! Thanks! Cindy

  10. Beautiful photos and flowers! Thanks for linking up!

  11. Such a nice time of year with everything growing in the gardens... and how nice that you have gardens tucked "here and there". :)

  12. Your gardens are quite beautiful, my friend, and everything looks so fresh and healthy. It's always wonderful to have you join Roses of Inspiration - thank you! Hugs!

  13. Love seeing pictures of your lovely garden! I just planted my first ever veggie garden and I hope it's a success!

  14. Your garden is lovely, a real inspiration

  15. Your garden is so wonderful,it´s a real eye candy.All the veggies and the beautiful flowers.Thanks for sharing.

  16. It is all so beautiful! The flowers are pretty and the tomatoes look great!

  17. What are the flowers in the last picture? I see them all over the place in other neighborhoods and I want to grow one. Thank you


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