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Monday, September 14, 2015

Owl's Nest

This sweet little couple needed a nest to lay their eggs in,   so I set in and made them a very special one.

I have made several different nests in past seasons,  but I think this one is my favorite.   I know...I know....I say that every!

I almost forgot to get a 'before" photo,    You can see in the first photo that I had already started my project before I remembered.    Pretend my nest was yarn tied on yet.   My nest was a $1 yard sale find and was about 6-7 inches across.

  I found the yarn I used in the clearance isle at Tuesday Morning....40% off.  

It is what I would call "icicle"  yarn as it has strings.   I don't crochet,  so I'm not sure what type of yarn this is.   Feel free to jump in if you know!   I used about half of the bundle.

The first thing I did was tie 8" strips of yarn all the way around the top of my nest.     It is kind of hard to get the yarn thru the tight weave of the nest,  so I used a small crochet hook to drag my strips thru.

After I had went all the way around my nest,   I  tied pretties randomly around the nest using the existing yarn to tie them on with.
I also tied on some lighter pink yarn in a few places......some keys (HL miniature ornament isle)  vintage watch faces,   thin lace ribbon,     You are only limited by you imagination as to what you can tie onto your nest.

Of course I had to add a few vintage silk roses.
I made a couple of nests last year.    This one was made with a faux fur boot cuff.   Click here to see how I made it     lets-make-some-owl-nests

This nest was made with a huge sunflower as the is the link to that post.     making-owls-nest 

Have fun making a nest for your owl!


  1. So beautiful! You did an awesome job!


  2. Bonjour,

    Une belle décoration...

    Gros bisous ♡

  3. Too cute! I used to make nests from all sorts of leavings behind the floral desk at work..raffia, mosses, twigs, ribbon and I sorta spun them in a long line and then rolled them into a doughnut. Thanks for reminding me, because I had simply forgotten. Thanks, Sandi.

  4. Those Owls have a very Posh Nest! Just loved all the past photos too! Happy Fall!

  5. Very well done, Penny! Your nest is such gorgeous. You always amaze me with your beautiful ideas.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous owl nest! Might have to try one of my own! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Those owls of yours are sitting pretty!

  8. Wow Penny, you made such an awesome nest out of yarn! I love that owl too!

  9. Penny, you are such an inspiration. I've been crocheting the base of my "nests" using funky yarns and cut up fabrics, then filling them with a variety of fun "nesting" material including Spanish moss from my big oak. But I have a couple of grapevine nests I've been setting mine into for display. Didn't think of just hooking onto them. I also got some cool "garland" in a thrift store I am going to use to make sunflowers. Will try to send pics when done if I can figure out how to. Thanx.

  10. So cute! I love sneaking little owls in my fall and winter decor. They are the perfect accent. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Have a great week!

  11. Adorable!!! I need to go out and find some owls to use for the Fall. I really do not have any and I love the chalkboard sign!!


  12. Penny - absolutely beautiful!!! I have never thought to make nests and I am now inspired to do so for the bird in my outdoor porch decor bird cage. I love how you added bling and other pretties to enhance it - you have inspired me yet again! I love the owls too - where did you find them? Thank you for sharing at #ImpartingGrace

  13. Hi Debbie, the owls are a recent purchase from HL, so they should be in stock at your store. I found them in the Christmas ornament isle. hugs...

    1. THANK YOU! I will be running to HL sooner than I planned :)

  14. Such a great idea, very creative materials for the nest and they look perfect in it, love seeing your other examples too!

  15. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at #OMHGWW!

  16. I'm always so amazed by you! This looks so good! Pinned and tweeted. I appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you on Monday at 7. Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  17. Those owls are adorable. So cute....thanks for sharing at Friday Favorites.

  18. Now that's some nest! Pretty spoiled owls, if you ask me. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. How cute! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you again this week!! I pinned this to My 2 Favorite Things Pinterest Board!

  20. I love all the intricate details that make your nest absolutely beautiful! Thank you for linking up at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! We hope to see you back this week!

  21. What a fun idea for a nest! Perfect for fall! Thanks for sharing with the Pretty Preppy Party! - Heather


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