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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Going to the Chapel

"Going to the chapel and they're going to get married" that song!  

This is the church where we had the wedding.....

It's one of the older churches in  town and the stained glass windows are just gorgeous!

There are more than a dozen of these beautiful windows in the church.

And the beams.....what can I say!!  
  My x sister in law's husband is the minister here.   They have been married about 16 years.    Her and my brother divorced many years ago,  but she has remained in our family and in my heart....more like a sister to me.    Anyway,   he married Melissa and Randy in a beautiful ceremony.

H is getting his tie done by our grandson Austin.   Austin does all the reallllly fancy knots and he was busy getting everyone all "tied" up before the wedding.

I took a few pictures before the wedding.    Melissa,  her oldest daughter Sarah,  and her youngest Kyleigh.

This was my favorite stained glass piece.

I took this  photo just before the boys walked their mother down the isle.    Kyleigh was the flower girl and Sarah was the Maid of Honor.    
Sarah is my sassy grand daughter.....the expression on her face is long do we have to sit here til you get just the right picture.    I told her she better smile or we would be here all day til I got just the right picture.    And......   I did get just the right photo but I decided to use this one just to show her who's STILL the boss!

Of course,    we had to ring the bell after the ceremony!

It took a whole team to get that bell rang!  

 First,  Kyleigh,    my great niece,    and Randy's two nieces were going to ring the bell together.   After pulling and tugging for quite a while,  they couldn't get it to ring!!!

 Then my niece jumped in and added some muscle to the group.    The two older girls gave up....but the little one's kept pulling on that rope.   Still no dice!

  Finally Aaron  (Melissa's oldest son)  saved the day and rang the bell.        He said the problem was not lack of muscle ....but technique..... the girls were pulling out on the rope instead of down!  

 I could hardly get the pictures took I was laughing so hard at those girls trying to get that bell rung!


  1. Loving every word and picture! 💖

  2. Everything looks so unique and wonderful! Oh Happy Day!

  3. It look like it was a beautiful wedding . That was nice that Melissa children could be a part of the wedding.
    Melissa look very lovely in her wedding dress. I got to see her Dad, now I am waiting to see her mom.....
    Penny I hope you won't forget we want to see the mother of the bride. You & Your husband has made this
    day they will never for get & the grandchildren to. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your daughter has a beautiful family, and they look so happy for her!!!

  5. Congratulations to the whole family. Your daughter is beautiful and so are all your grandkids! They are handsome young men! Everyone has to have at least one sasspot in the family. lol xo Diana

  6. A big church! Sounds like all went well and it was nice!

  7. Penny,
    How beautiful!! The church is very much like most of the churches in our area which were built in the late 1800's and early 1900's by all the Polish, Italian, Russian and Slovak immigrants. Many have all that beautiful stained glass!!
    And the photos os your family ringing the bell was precious!! My Dad was the maintenance man at our church when I was a child and I used to help him ring the bell before masses . I used to hold on to that rope and fly up into the air with it!! Great memories!!



  8. How a love a wedding! Everyone looked so happy..especially for you. :) Yep..seems they know who's the boss. Made me smile.

  9. What a great family you have! The church is very beautiful

  10. Great pics of the day, love the family photo before the wedding!

  11. Yes, the inside of the church is beautiful. I too love the beams. Don't you just love a wedding? Sarah's face is indeed quite revealing.

  12. You have a beautiful family. And that church is simply stunning. So glad it was such a wonderful day for all of you!

  13. Love those windows and beams. So, so pretty. I love old churches. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again tonight. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas


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