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Monday, May 23, 2016

Lamp to Lantern

I have had a couple of lamps sitting in the garage for about 2 years...maybe more.    We've been cleaning and purging,  so I put the lamps in a box marked for donation.       I had bought them at a yard sale for $1 each and thought I would put a fairy garden scene in the base,  but ....... don't we all have projects that we never seem to get around to!

I had a brain thought I would make lanterns out of them for outdoor dining.   So,  I dug them out of the box.  H did his magic on them and I now have a pair of lanterns.

One of the glass panes opens,  so I was able to fill the inside with battery operated fairy lights.   ( I got my lights in the bridal area of HL.)

I put them on the mantle for mood lighting.....

Then I sat one on the table to have light for dining......

I put the other one over on the bench to the right of the tree......

This is the back porch that is directly off of the sun room.   H has his grill on the porch and has a couple of steaks on for our dinner tonight

We're having steak,  potatoes and salad for dinner.

The glass that was on the top of our wrought iron table got broke....sad face.....

 Rather than have a new piece of glass cut for the table ,   I had a mirror that H paid $1 at the auction for that I decided to use instead..     I love the way it reflects all the greenery around it .....

For dessert,  a big piece of lemon pie

I had planned to make some lemonade,  but that never we are having water with lemon.

I have a bird condo on the right end of the porch.....

Here's a closer look at it,   for all the details on how it was built from a bakers rack,      click here........


  1. Wow! The lanterns are wonderful and they look perfect to create a romantic atmosphere. Your dinner looks so inviting...mmm...

  2. I love your back porche!!! It's gorgeous!!

  3. What a wonderful back porch, Penny! I love what you did with the lanterns and I like the mirror on the table too. A very romantic setting. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy Memorial Day!


    1. Oops, Memorial Day is next weekend, sorry! I thought our holidays landed on the same weekend.

  4. Dear Penny:
    Let there be light! And Penny made sure there was! I love your creation. Do you wake up in the middle of the night with ideas? Ha! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  5. This is gorgeous Penny. What a stunning outdoor space.


  6. So beautiful and creative! I would love to have an outdoor space like this. :)

  7. I think your creation is lovely Penny.

  8. Penny,
    Love this sweet area. The lanterns were a great idea. I just bought some battery operated fairy lights at Michaels..... I have 1 or 2 solar lanterns that are no longer working even after changing the batteries so I might borrow this idea.....Thanks for the inspration!!


  9. Love your lanterns and all your beautiful things. Your back deck and yard are lovely!

  10. I love how you filled it with the fairy lights. It looks stunning in your outdoor area! Thanks for sharing with the Tips and Tricks Link Party.

  11. Can I get a close up pic of the chandy I see hiding in the pics? Are those vintage hobnail milk glass??? Or are they like the ceiling fan light covers? Can't think what the proper name is! Did you make that too?


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