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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Styling a Fall Vignette

When you are creating a vignette,   how many times do you switch things around before you are happy with your creation?

Well,  in my case it would be many,  many,  many!

I didn't start taking pictures until I had moved these pumpkins around several times,  so you will be spared!     But,  I finally decided to stack them.    One reason I stacked them was that the stem on the pink pumpkin had been crushed and actually had broke off.      I thought about gluing it back on,  but it would still look crushed.  

I love the new colors and textures on the pumpkins that are available now,   don't you!     I have a hard time finding pink pumpkins and I just stumbled on to this one while I was shopping at Sprouts.     I was in there picking up some purple sweet potato's .......I'll let you know how those taste in another post. 

I moved that little greenery bush on the left side of my goat several times.     

I moved it to the right side of the goat .......

Then I moved it to the right side of my pumpkin stack.

Where do you like it the best?

Then I started trying my goat family in several places.    First I had them in the silverware part of my metal dish drainer....

Then,  I moved the Daddy down in front of the goat picture.........

Which do you like better.......Daddy in or out?

Then I moved him clear down to the other end of the vignette.     See why I never have to dust anything,    I handle them til they're!

Then,   I moved him back with his family and put a baby boo pumpkin in his place.

Here's where the little pumpkin in a dish came from.....

Now,    I think I have my fall vignette just the way I want it.......

Unless I change my mind again!


  1. Beautiful decorations... Looking so awesome!!

  2. First time I have ever seen a goat family!!! LOL

  3. I fell in love with Your shabby pumpkins
    Hugs Alessandra

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at the Friday Frenzy Link Party! Pinned!

  5. Penny,
    You made me laugh as I am just like you!! I have been decorating the Dining Room for Halloween and with getting rid of my village, I have been setting up my new display on the buffet.... I m sure you can imagine just how long it took me to get it looking the way I liked it.... Then there were other areas in the Dining Room where I changed things up..... Needless to say, my niece Lynn inherited 3 boxes of decorations tha I could simply ot find room for or I replaced with new stuff!!!! And that does not could the Halloween village going to my other niece!!!LOL!!!! Love your display no mater which way you have it!! I is just goreous and I love the use of the sink drainer for display!! Clever!! Wish I had more counters pace so I could do the same!!

  6. Me again! Jeez! You must think that I do not know how to spell!!! LOL!! I am sitting out on the front porch enjoying a nice cool breeze......

  7. I can relate to arranging and rearranging until a vignette is "just right!" Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  8. Cutest little goat family and they look great there in your dish drainer! If I did that, it would just look like goats in a dish drainer...LOL. You know what I mean, I hope. The goat picture is pretty too. I know what you mean about fiddling & fiddling till everything is just right. And sometimes, it's never "just right" b/c I give up...haha.

  9. Such beauty and treasures. Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us at Waste Not Wednesday!

  10. LOL Penny, I do that too. All the time. I hope daddy goats goes to visit his family in the metal dish drainer every now and again ;-) Your fall vignette does look lovely though, no matter where daddy goat is.

  11. Super sweet, Penny! I just love this look. Thanks so much for sharing at the What to do Weekends party!
    Happy Weekend!
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  12. Your shabby decor is always so lovely Penny. Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. Have pinned to our party board.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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