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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lavender Tablescape and Purple Sweet Potato's

I found the prettiest set of dishes over the week end at a yard sale and couldn't wait to use them in a tablescape.  

I always begin my tablescape with designing a centerpiece to co ordinate with the dishes I am using.

In addition to the lavender flowers in the pattern on the dishes,   they have pink flowers and green leaves.     

I used lavender sun flowers.......and nubby green pumpkins in my centerpiece.

I added a couple of artichokes and a few of the purple sweet potatoes to my centerpiece and filled in all around everything with oak leaves from the trees in the yard.

I bet you're wondering when I'm going to show you my new!

The dishes have a delicate ring of flowers around the edge of the plate ....... soft green leaves

Along with the pattern on the edge of the plate,   there is a thin gold ring in the center

Here is the pattern name.....

The purple glasses were my mothers,     the copper flat ware is a recent purchase from Walmart,    the paper sheep napkins are from Amazon,  and you've seen me use my pale pink monogrammed cloth napkins many times.

I paid $15 for the box of dishes.......4 dinner plates,   4 luncheon plates......

4 soup bowls,  3 fruit bowls,  a couple of bread and butter plates,  a vegetable serving dish,  and two big serving platters.  

I almost forgot to show you the table runner,,,,,,,,it's just a long piece of wide lavender lace.

I continued my lavender and green theme over to the display cabinets......

I made a similar floral design on the ledge of the display case......

Ornamental Kale and a pot of white mums......

I filled in around the pots with a faux kale plant,  a pine cone pumpkin and more oak leaves from the yard.

I have a dried purple ear of corn at the end of the design......

I am serving loaded purple sweet potato's

I have them loaded with sauteed purple onions,   bacon bits,  avocado,  and I topped my potato with sweet purple cabbage slaw.     

The design on the buffet table is decorated in a lavender/green theme too.    If you missed that post,   here is a link to it.....

Thank you so much for stopping by.....see you soon!  


  1. What a pretty tablescape! Those plates you found are beautiful. You should stop by the Ultimate Pinterest Party on Friday and link up a pin to this post!

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful table, love the centerpiece and the sign is perfect!!!
    bet your loaded potato was delicious, I have never seen purple sweet potatoes in the store.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I've never seen purple sweet potatoes! I live near the sweet potato mecka of our state - Vardaman, MS. We grow the normal sweet potatoes. So wish someone would try the purple ones. I'd love to try your loaded purple sweet potatoes. Looks so yummy! I adore your new dishes. And, those nobby pumpkins are awesome! Such beautiful floral and veggie displays. I'm swooning. :-)

  4. Homer Laughlin dishes made in the USA! What a nice find! I love your color scheme on this table scape.

  5. Your tablescape looks very romantic. I love the centerpiece
    Hugs Alessandra

  6. This tablescape is GORGEOUS! Thanks for linking up at the Friday Frenzy Link Party! Pinned!

  7. Your lavender tablescape is very lovely. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. I am loving the combination of seemingly disparate elements in your tablescape, Penny. The sweet potato, though, has got to be favourite addition because it is sooo unexpected! Love this :)

  9. Oh what a nice pictures special the 2 up...Greetings,Joan

  10. Penny,
    You have outdone yourself, my friend, with this tablescape!!! LOVE the lavender and green theme!! The center of the table is a true work of art!! Adore the nubby pumpkins, the purple sweet potatoes and the beautiful florals!! The dishes are to die for!! My mother used to have a pink set of Homer Laughlin dishes....
    The purple kale on the buffet with the mums look lovely!! Definitely one of your best tablescapes!!

  11. I love the centerpiece and your table looks lovely! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  12. Everyone has already said it. Your new dishes are beautiful and the tablescape is lovely! Cream of wheat and Jello would taste like ambrosia at a table like that!


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