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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Little Family on the Prairie and at the Lake Memorial Day

You have to drive about 80 miles through the prairie to get to the lake here in Eastern New!     So,   we loaded up all of the family in three cars and headed for the lake.

This little angel with the 'lake hair" .......the " Cheeto face"  and  the Cheeto hands is our 18 month old great grandson, Michael Andrew.      He helped Mimi (our daughter,  Melissa)  drive one of the Jet Ski's for the first time today. 

There are so many pretty coves at Ute Lake that it was hard to choose which one to set up camp in.......

The Salt Cedar was........

in full bloom and smelled so good.........

in this cove,    that the family decided to set up camp here

Our daughter and SIL have two jet ski's........the pretty blue/orange one is brand new and it's the first time they've had it at the lake.

Our daughter and grand daughter took the new one out for a spin.......

You can see Melissa in the distance with Kyleigh in tow on the tube.     That's her hubby Randy joining them on the white and green jet ski.

Melissa and Kyleigh with Kate in tow on the inner tube are met by Melissa's youngest son  .....Austin.

Austin and Kate are this cuties parents.......couldn't somebody wash the Cheeto off Michael's face for the photo?????? 

 Melissa's oldest son ....Aaron.....was with us but for some reason he was never in any of  the pictures I took!

I took a few photo's of the prairie that we have to cross to get to the lake.......

You can see for miles and miles on the prairies of  New Mexico.....

There are lots of wild flowers along the road.

There is also lots of brush!

The brush and flowers are so pretty side by side.

There is a ranch along the route to the lake that raises Charolais cattle  (the French word)      or Charleigh's  (the American word)    

I had to take my photo's from the car window,   so they are blurry......sorry

Big.....white.....and beefy cows!

Michael had so much fun riding in his floaty.......wish I had got a photo of that!!!!   I get so busy watching everybody that I forget to get!


  1. Bonjour,

    Une bien belle escapade ! Des photos fabuleuses...

    Gros bisous 🌸

  2. What fun! I enjoyed every minute! Ha! Especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful state of New Mexico...!!!

  3. What fun!Thanks for sharing Your special moments

  4. What a great way to spend the day, enjoying your family!! Michael is such a cutey!!

  5. Nothing like phamily time! Beautiful photos and a very cute grandchild! HPS and enjoy the weekend.

  6. Looks like a really great time! #saturdaysharefest

  7. It sounds like a great day. Is it a man-made lake or natural. I love the photos of the prairie. Thanks for sharing the photos at Keep In Touch. You great grand is a cutie.


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