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Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Bee-utiful Christmas Sun Porch

I have a bee theme in the sun room and I tell's hard to get get a feeling of Christmas  in there without  redoing the whole room.         

So,    I tried my best to just add some touches of Christmas to the room that would look okay with the bee theme.

The first thing I did was put a couple of red and white buffalo check pillows on the sofa.

I found a couple of Christmas bee themed art on Pinterest and printed them out on my home printer.   I tucked one in the strings of the violin hung above the sofa.

I put the other print above the sofa on this side.

I left the existing bee throw at the end of the sofa.      I thought a Christmas themed throw would have looked better,   but I don't have one and didn't want to buy!

Here's a close up of the bee themed throw.

I put a stack of sweet Christmas boxes on the chaise lounge.......they aren't in the way of someone sitting there because usually we just set on the end.

I put a bouquet of  Christmas Paper whites on the coffee table.

Now to add some Christmas to the other side of the room.     

I put a pillow in each rocker that match the ones on the sofa.

I have bee themed pictures hung over the french doors........

Here's the other bee sign....... it was a gift from one of my very best friends

I found this tiny bee pillow at a yard sale a few years ago.

Here's the last wall in the sun room.......

I have bee's in the floral design.........

For a touch of whimsy,    I added a couple of wasp nests

On the side table,     I have a ceramic bee hive and a Christmas magazine.       I was honored to be a contributor in this years edition and share photo's of our home.

I do love a challenge,    and I have to admit that adding Christmas touches to the sun room was a real challenge!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love, love, love all the decorations in your house. I want to try something new in mine. Wish you would include a post where you tell how you have painted all the beautiful furniture in your house shades of white. I would love to try that on some dark furniture that I have. Bet your husband has a lot to do with painting the furniture. Seems like you have a gem of a husband. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

  2. I love the door sideways on the wall best! That is a great idea. Merry Christmas Penny!

  3. Love Your wonderful decors. I wish You Merry Christmas, to You and Your family

  4. The sun room turned out really well in it's Christmas finery! I think you did a very good job of blending it with the bee theme.

    Happy Christmas and New Year! Looking forward to what you gift us with in 2019!

  5. Feels cozy and comforting. Love the subtle and festive color combinations.

  6. Penny,
    This is truly a Beeutiful room!! I always enjoy seeing you sun room and it looks lovely for Christmas!!

  7. what a beautiful room, so very pretty and full of nature

  8. The wasps nests are such a cute addition to your bee collections. I'd love to visit your sun room, looks like a wonderful place to read a while.


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