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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Formal Dining Room

Welcome to my Christmas formal dining room! 

I don't use my silver and china very much during the year,    but it gets quite a work out  at Christmas.

I don't  have  very many "sit down dinners"  during the holidays.      I prefer to have parties where guests can  eat and mingle at the same time.

When I have a party there are  "grazing" tables set up in the family room,    kitchen,   and sun room ...........   

Today though,   I'm going to share a tour of the formal dining room.

The cabinet in the corner is where I display 99% of the china and crystal that belonged to my mother.

This is my mothers wedding china........

and her crystal

This is one of my favorite pieces that belonged to my mother.

This was my mothers favorite  tea set.

I love collecting tea cups and pots.

This is one of the tea sets that belonged to my mother.

More tea cups and pots on this side of the dining f room

The big table in the formal dining room is one of my "grazing stations"        I usually have the meat and cheese platters on this table.       Cheese and crackers on this end........

Meat and bread on this end.........

Dips and chips in the tiered stand.........

I scatter sweet goodies on the buffet........ 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my formal dining room........come back soon.......or better yet,   drop by for one of my Christmas parties!


  1. Beautiful room. Beautiful ideas. You are so inspiring.

  2. Penny, I do love your mother's taste in tea sets. The gold tea set would be my favorite too. I am going to show my sister your beautiful pages when I get to visit her. She loves tea sets too. I got to go to the Brown Palace in Denver one year for a special treat. My sister another one treated her daughter and me to an afternoon tea there. Oh, my word, it was elegant with harp and piano music. The place is like a palace in England. Did your mother ever use her tea sets?
    I love your dinning room. Thank for sharing such a beautiful home.

  3. The china pattern is beautiful Penny. The teacups are perfect thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful dishes from your Mother. I love the coffee pot. You are so lucky to have all those beautiful items. Merriest Christmas, Kippi

  5. Beautiful!!!
    I see you have a cake plate collection on top of your china hutch. It gave me a good laugh because I thought I was having an issue with my cake plate a hoarding issue. I'm glad to know that I don't have a problem.

  6. Penny,
    Your Mother's china, tea sets ans crystal are spectacular!!
    Very pretty!!!

  7. What a fun room, just filled to the brim with pretty things!

  8. Lovely tea sets! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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