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Monday, December 3, 2018

Hall Bath dressed in Neutrals for Christmas

I have the hall bath decorated in neutral colors so I didn't have to do a whole room makeover to get it ready for Christmas company.     I just enhanced the existing decor with some holiday pieces.

I have a fun message board on the door.      I change my "messages" on the door for the holidays and seasons,    or if I just feel like it!

I had to giggle when I saw this sheep eating gingerbread cookies photo on Pinterest.     

These two photo's also came from Pinterest.   

So easy,   just printed them on my home printer and pinned them to my message board.

Come on in and take a look around!

I sat these two sweet fellows on the counter in front of the existing baskets of towels.

The towels in these baskets are for decoration only,   there are plenty of everyday towels in the cabinets under the sinks.     I tucked vintage tree toppers and balls in the towels

Then,    I strung some fairy lights across everything.

I don't change out wall decor for seasons or holidays,    so everything you will see on the walls is my "everyday" decor

I added a Christmas wreath to the window treatment.

I love to use things in an unexpected way. 
  I have a cluster of pinecones hung in the towel holder........a Santa head instead of a candle on my wooden candle stick........a bottle brush tree in the soap holder.........and a hand towel hung on a metal pig figure.

Love Santa's ringlet!

In the center of the sinks,    I decorated a tiered stand with wooden beads    a field of deer,    and the topper is a sweet child in a winter setting.

The Ladies side of the counter is decorated similar to the Gentlemen's side.

I love the bright red and green traditional colors of Christmas,    but I also love calm and tranquil  neutral colors too!


  1. Lovely bathroom, it looks like it should be called Vanilla! Of course for Christmas, everything should be some sort of cookie, lol.

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  3. Oh Penny, when the world becomes too much to bear, I come and sit on your blog for a while, and study your gorgeous pictures! They always calm my spirit, give me so much inspiration, and make me smile!

    God has given you such a talent for this style of decorating, and I never get tired of coming to visit! Don't ever quit! We need you!

    On a side note, I am sure you've had them for a while, but where did you find those gorgeous mirrors? Finding 2 of a kind is a rare treat. I am always on the lookout for "new" old things, too.

    And bless your amazing husband for all of his silent work behind the scenes! I know you mention and praise him often, but his work doesn't go unnoticed by your readers, either!

    Have a great week!

    1. Your comment was the first one I saw when I opened my blog page this morning.....what a way to start my day! Thank you so much for your sweet comments...xo My mother and I each bought one of those mirrors at a local furniture store here in Eastern New Mexico over 30 years ago. When she passed away 10 years ago, I put the two together and they have and will remain that way.....hugs...

  4. This is such a beautiful room! I love all of the thoughtful touches you have filled it with! Here from Tips and Tutorials.

  5. Penny, Thanks again for sharing. I love to come to your blog as it so much more attractive than any I have seen. It could be a magazine in itself.
    Keep us uplifted.

  6. I just love your attention to detail!!! so beautiful

  7. I love how you always incorporate animals into your rooms. Thanks for always helping me see things I can do.

  8. Your room looks lovely, thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful...once again and always! I love your style!

  10. This is gorgeous. I can't get enough of it! This screams Christmas. I want it all!

  11. Ohh...your bathoroom looks so festive with an elegant it!!!!

  12. Lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  13. Eu não gostei... Eu Amei!!! Senti Paz, Tranquilidade, Charme e algo mais indescritível. Obrigado e Parabéns.
    Felizes Festas. Abraço

  14. Penny,
    I really love the baskets with the towels and the ornaments inside of them!! So very pretty!! The neutrals in the bathroom look lovely and even calming!!


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