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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tea Cup & Saucer Wall Shelf Makeover

I bought both of these tea cup wall shelves at garage sales........different times....different sales,   but I've always hung them together.    They aren't identical.  ones a little smaller than the other one.


I took everything off the wall and painted it.     My grandson took one of the deer heads  and the antlers for his man cave and the other one found a new home in my studio.

I really didn't have a plan for what I would put  back on the wall  when we took everything down to paint it.     When I saw the big stack of empty picture frames,    I noticed that the biggest one was about the same size as the two wall shelves I had hanging on a different wall in the room........and those would need to come down to paint that wall.     Hmmmmm,    maybe they could be put together for a "makeover"    So,   remember if I can dream it,     H can make it come to life!

H framed the wall shelves and then attached one of the smaller empty picture frames to the front.

The decorative  piece you see on top of the shelves was on the wall as a shelf before.       I turned it upside down and sat it on the top of the new wall shelf.

When H put the two shelves together,    you can see they were a little longer than the picture frame and one shelf wasn't as tall as the other one.     H disassembled one of the left over picture frames and filled in the places he needed to as you can see in the "after photo"

I love the makeover.........H always comes thru for me!

These wall shelves are so versatile,       I've used them together,     apart,    and now framed

Now,   the fun part!     I get to decorate ........

I took down the sheers to let more light into the room.    Now I can see outside while I have a cup of coffee in the morning

I had a glass cow tray that I put in the window......can you see her?

One wall painted and decorated.......3 more to go!

Be back soon with pic's of the next wall!


  1. Penny, I love the new look. I love the battenberg lace on the linens. It's beautiful and Mr H sure is handy.
    Love the cow plate too; she is so cute.

  2. Penny, what a great idea! H is so very handy to have around, isn't he?! #BloggersPitStop

  3. Amazing and clever as usual, dear Penny.

  4. Such a lovely piece in each way used!! Clever!

  5. Very smart ideas to make things all "play nice" together..

  6. You are so clever inspire so many which is why we love when you link up to our celebrate your story link party. thanks and have a blessed day.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  7. What a beautiful makeover. They look wonderful together. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  8. It all looks so lovely, Penny! I love those wall shelves - they are fantastic for displaying pretty things. Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Penny,
    You ad H make such a fantastic team!!! I so wish Joe was handy but that is so not the case....LOVE the tea cup shelves put together and framed!!!And I have to say that only you would have found a glass plate with a cow on it!! I DO mean that as a compliment!! I love how you mix Farmhouse in with shabby chic and a bit of Victorian creating your own lovely style!!!


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