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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Fall Banner & Buffalo Check

I pass the display cabinet in the family room a zillion times a day......well,  maybe not that many,  but a,  I try to keep it decorated for the seasons and holidays. 
 I have the cabinet decorated for fall with splashes of pastel pumpkins and pops of buffalo check fall anyone else as in love with buffalo check as I am?

The past few years my built in display cabinet has been filled with my ever growing collection of milk glass.

I decided to move of the milk glass into the lower part of the cabinet.    I still have some more purging to do in the lower cabinets to make room for the rest of the milk glass    I hope to have that done in time to decorate the cabinet for Christmas.

I am frequently asked how I go about keeping these cabinets's really not as big a job as you might think.    The doors keep it pretty much dust free.     I do a little dusting when I decorate for the seasons and holidays,   so somehow it stays pretty clean without a lot of work!

I love making banners and garlands,   and I usually have one hanging across the display cabinet and also the fireplace mantel.

Below are some close ups of the fall banner I made......

These cabinets haven't always been so pretty and white!
Not only was the display cabinet this dark wood.....the family room walls had this same dark paneling.    It took 7 gallons of paint to cover all this dark wood in the family room!

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back again soon!


  1. Your cabinets are so nice in white. It was well worth all the gallons of paint.
    The Buffalo plaid looks great with all the pastel colours.
    Your banner is gorgeous. nice work.

  2. You are so very talented Penny! You display cabinets are so well organized that they are beautiful just to gaze at. And I love your banners too! Everything looks so pretty in your house.

  3. I love the pig, the pink truck, and floral vase with flowers.Your banners are always so cute. Thanks for all the ideas Penny.

  4. Good morning Penny, We are having Fall Rain here in Northern Colorado. This is the 2nd day. It's a heavy mist which is very unusual for us. It is nice and crisp.
    I love your cabinets as they are so lovely. I would love to have a wall of cabinets like yours to display all my pretties. I like the glass shelves as they let the light come through to all the areas. Everything you do is so uplifting. I look forward to your blog.
    Thank you.

  5. Penny, I just love your home. I bet you are non-stop decorating and crafting. It is always so much work moving bins, packing up decor that is no longer right for the season, unpacking current decor, moving things around, etc. Some people can't fathom how or why we do it, but I find it soothing and so worth it. Obviously, you do, too. Thanks so much for sharing and constantly inspiring. You are adorable! ❤️

  6. Where did you find your banner?

  7. Ms Penny, I love the buffalo check! So fresh and very in style! So glad you painted those cabinets! Have a good evening! Leticia

  8. Penny,
    I have visited here so many times over the past few years but I honestly do not remember you sharing a picture of the "before" cabinets!! It truly is an amazing transformation!! everything looks so pretty!


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