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Thursday, April 9, 2020

John Deere Goat Cart

I made a to do list of things that we could do while staying safe at home......and here is what we picked to do yesterday.    .    

H had bought a cute John Deere garden cart at the auction several years ago and it has just been sitting in one of the flower beds since then.    Every time I would walk by it,     I would think " I need to do something with that thing"    So,  when I was making our to do list,   I put it on there.

Yesterday,   the poor little forgotten cart made it to the top of the list.. 
   The little green garden cart is normally pulled around using a garden tractor,   but I decided to add some whimsy to the yard by hitching it up to a pair of! 

I wanted to fill the back of it with some pretty potted plants,   but I didn't have any since I haven't been to the garden center this spring.     What could be even better than potted plants......a seating area for the grands!

I can sit in the wicker swing and the grands can sit across from me in their own little seat

Hopefully the grands will be able to visit us again soon........

The cover on the swing canopy needed to be replaced,   so I tied a checked table cloth I had on hand to the frame.

The original canopy wore out many years ago.  so I have had to make a fabric canopy for it several times.     

Back in 2014 when the original canopy wore out,   H added chicken wire to the frame to give me more area to attach my cloth canopy.   Here's a link to that post showing how he did it .....

Here's a link to another post showing a different style of canopy I had on it one year.....

What's on our to do list for tomorrow?    H is going to mowing the grass and we're going to (hopefully) finish a big project that has been ongoing for a few days.    I can't wait to share that project with you!


  1. Ah, after 4 days of outside, today we went from 75 degrees to a high of 45, so I will be going into the basement and work on some stuff there. Love the JohnDeere (started right here in Illinois) Deere designed the first metal plow blade that could cut through the thick prairie grass and roots and roll it over. Seriously, the Deere plows, carved out the Midwest and Western prairies into viable farming land. So, I really love seeing the little goat cart...adorable. Your yard looks great!

  2. Your yard is beautiful. I like the John Deer cart. It's nice to see green grass.
    We have lost most of our snow here in Eastern Quebec, although some in the forecast for tonight. I hope it's the last.
    Happy Easter

  3. love it you always share such grand ideas. This is something that would fit right in here at home and love how it was done in such a rustic atmosphere. thanks for sharing
    come see us at

  4. Penny,
    Happy Easter and God bless your wonderful family.
    PS Love the John Deere Cart.

  5. What a fun bit of whimsy!


  6. You have a beautiful yard. The goat cart is so cute!!


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