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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfume Bar

Isn't this little box from Victoria's Secret cute!   The box originally came full of sweet smelling perfume but it has been repurposed .....a Perfume Bar for the guest bath.   I wanted our guests to have fun trying on different perfumes or be able to just spray a little in the air and see what it smells like.
Victoria's Secret had these boxes half off at the after Christmas sales.....what a deal!  Gorgeous box full of perfume...$42.50!   My daughter loves the scents that came in the box, so she bought two.   She gave me the extra box...but kept the!  That's why there isn't a pic of the perfume that came in the box....

Evening in Paris ....perfect for my Paris themed powder room.
 I love the little one in the center that belonged to my mother....I remember how she would dip the stopper in the perfume bottle  and put the tiniest bit of the scent behind her ear.    I still apply perfume that have to get pretty close to me if you want to know how I smell...tehee!   

See the cologne second from the left....I didn't want any of the gentlemen visitors to feel left out....
My "special" perfumes are in the vintage perfume atomizers on the left ......that's where the good stuff is!

 I have a pretty rose dish on the counter to hold your rings while you wash your hands....
There is a selection of Bath and Body Works hand soap....

and a couple of dispensers for my "special" soaps.   My little grands know that this soap isn't for ...they also know I have to help them when they want to use the Perfume Bar.

I hope our guests will have fun at the Perfume Bar!


  1. What a lovely idea! A perfume bar! Coincidentally, I was just working with my bottles of new and old scents. I hope you don't mind if I try your idea?

  2. Penny I love your Perfume Bar! I am definitely a Perfume wearer, as a mater of fact I combine and layer up to four at a time!! It's all about the notes in the perfume, high notes, low notes...don't get me started!! LOL Great job Penny!

  3. And of course your signature roses and doilies - how perfect - great idea! Lovely as always.

  4. Everything is lovely. I am especially fond of the soap dispensers. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop . Big Hugs

    thanks for sharing..
    have a nice day!!

  6. Perfume precious display. I adore this. Creative Bliss...

  7. Gorgeous the bowl with the rings is my favorite

  8. One thing for sure, you have one sweet smelling bar.

  9. Penny I too love perfume bottles so seeing your post with the Perfume Bar was so wonderful. Your mother's perfume bottles are gorgeous! I asked my daughter-in-law not to long ago if I could have her empty Victoria Secret miniature cologne bottles and she gave them to me. Your bathroom is what my dream bathroom would look like. Take care, Darlene

  10. I love vintage perfume bottles...what a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing on the blog hop today.

  11. What a lovey, romantic and sweet idea the perfume bar! Your bathroom is just gorgeous!

  12. I just decided to clean out all my vintage perfume bottles off my dresser.
    The older vintage bottles are so cute and fun to look at

  13. Like everyone else, I love pretty perfume bottles. Lots of different scents are great and so far, I don't think I have found one that I didn't like. What a fun thing to do..AND I love your collection of doilies..AND making use of a pretty box from Victoria's is a cute, cute, cute idea!! I have to go find a cute, cute, cute box and have a perfume bar just like Barbara's. (I'm teasing! teapot came a couple of days ago and my first teacup came. Two of your cups look similar, but the saucer says Comfort and I right?) I am on a QUEST I tell you! :) I just walk by and touch my teapot..and smile. It just plain wonderful
    ! :)

  14. Love that box and your wonderful perfume atomizers! What a sweet idea, a perfume bar! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  15. The perfume bar is so cute! I would want it just for how sweet it looks. The older I get I can't handle hardly any scents. They burn my eyes something fierce. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. how welcoming i love perfume ;)

  17. Penny,
    I just realized that I missed this post!! This is absolutely darling!! So sweet!! Looks great in your lovely bathroom....


  18. So pretty! I love the vintage perfume bottles! Thanks so much for linking up at Sewlicious Craft Showcase.


  19. What a great and thoughtful idea, thanks for sharing and linking up with us at the #WWDParty. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  20. Like almost everyone commenting, I love the vintage perfume bottles you have and the special soaps. Unique idea to provide perfume for the guests too.

  21. What a lovely idea, love your bathroom too :)

  22. This is marvelously gorgeous! I am honored that you shared at Home and Garden Thursday!

  23. What a lovely touch for your guest bathroom Penny.

  24. I sooooooo love the perfume bottles...the perfect loving touch! hugs...

  25. oh gosh penny, i would love to be your guest just so i could try that really elegant perfume bar that you have there..☺ love☺

    thanks for sharing this over at The DIY'ers, huggies♥

  26. Hi Penny!!!

    What a great idea!!! Your guests must feel very special and grateful for the indulgence and pampering they are receiving!!!
    I have collected some really vintage perfume bottles and have displayed them with compacts, lipsticks, etc!!!

    Love how you reused the very attractive PINK Victoria Secrets box!!!! Beautifully elegant!!!!


  27. Very beautiful! Thank you for linking up Handmade Cafe!

    1. I love the perfume bar, Penny. I'm so glad you shared it at Every Room In The House. You'll be featured at tomorrow's party. See you there! Hugs ~ Nancy


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