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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Storage Solution Secrets

I'm going to share one of my storage solution secrets with you today!   I have lots of "stuff" and I've had to get very creative to find room to store all of it.
With all the beautiful storage boxes available now,   you no longer are stuck with using ugly plastic totes.   The pretty "tops" can even double as a "picture".     I hung this pretty top with a large suction cup on the entry way mirror.
Where's the bottom you ask......
I turned it upside down to cover a large ceramic strawberry cake that is not in use right now.   
Here is another sweet round box that I am using to store doilies in.   Should I need some doilies for a vignette that I am putting together,  I just take the box to my vignette, use what I need, and put the box back where it was.   These pretty boxes are inexpensive ....this round one was $4.99 at Tuesday Morning.
I use this square lidded  box to store crocheted runners that are not in use right now.
So,  that's my secret.......Store it in Plain Sight!!!!
This is the wall on the other side of the entry way.    I used my "store it in plain sight secret" in this cabinet as well.
I have used a different container on this bags!
These pretty bags are so inexpensive....$2.49.    You can't really see it in the photo,  but the butterflies are "3D" and there is lots of glitter on the bags.  
and "in plain sight"
If you look closely behind this bag,   I am storing the Christmas wreath that was on the front door this past year.   Did you notice it before I pointed it out to you?   Well,,,,,,it was right there in plain sight!!
I have wine corks in the large round box........the medium one holds my colored chalk........and the small one is full of pearl topped straight pins!
The little suitcase on the left contains lace that I use in craft projects...
It also came from Tuesday Morning,  but HL,  Michaels,  Joann's all have beautiful storage boxes.
My entryway doesn't really look like a storage room....but it kinda!
  I have one more secret to tell you......I keep a little journal with the location of my "treasures" carefully logged in it!    Out of sight....out of mind.    I can't trust my memory anymore!


  1. I love pretty storage containers, Penny. I have several, too. Keeping a notebook is a great idea! xo Diana

  2. I just love this and everything is my favorite color, Pink! This looks all so pretty and well done. Blessings for a beautiful weekend. Catherine

  3. So pretty. I love hat boxes, they are wonderful storage :) The other thing in this post that touched my decorating heart, is your rag banner . . . gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Your blogging sis, Connie :)

  4. I use the pretty boxes and especially the pretty bags. I like the idea of keeping the journal....

  5. C'est magnifique toutes ces idées de rangement ... Je vais retenir toute cette superbe décoration qui a énormément de Charme et de Romantisme ...
    A bientôt
    Au Coeur d'Autrefois

  6. I also use the lovely boxes that are out there now. I get mine from Michael's craft store when I have a 50% off coupon or when they are on sale. One time they had them 75% off so I bought quite a few! I love to store my tv remotes, magazines, photographs, miscellany in the boxes so out of sight.

  7. Penny,
    Great idea!! I have so many things stored under my bed. i do have a log book though of where what is because I would never remember!! Michaels really got some pretty ones in lately and they are having special sales so i shouls go check them out.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


  8. :) I do the same thing. I love to buy pretty boxes for storage. I don't have as much "stuff" but it's enough to need places to keep things. Under both hutches, under beds...behind drapes...and I NEED A NOTE BOOK! Badly!
    I have lost things and had them turn up years later. smart woman..a note book reminder is a wonderful idea. Which reminds me. I need to visit Tuesday Morning. It's a great place to find neat things!

  9. I love those beautiful boxes, they are so feminine and a great storage place. They are also perfect for your home Penny. I visited your front porch today and couldn't believe what you have done with that fireplace, it's sooooo you!!!! Thank you so much for linkung up!

  10. Wonderful photos, wonderful pink treasures!
    Many hugs from Austria & Happy P.S.
    Traude (^‿^)❀

  11. Oh..great idea! I love all of your storage boxes, they are such beautiful and very feminine

  12. These are lovely & I also use them for makeup in
    the dressing room.
    Thank you for sharing!
    All the best, Mimi

  13. The boxes are lovely to use as storage.. A great idea, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  14. I always look at the pretty boxes at Tuesday Morning and never get any. I'm going to have to start with your great idea and store things in sight! The journal is a great idea, too. I'm always where the safe place is that I put what I'm looking for! Ha!

  15. I like your pretty storage solutions! What a good idea and especially that journal, I think I may adopt that too, it would save a lot of time searching for things!

  16. Great ideas - and the best one is in your last line! I may take a page out of that book!

  17. Who knew storage containers could be so beautiful? Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. lovely , lovely , lovely vintage home. I love vintage stuff. Thanks for sharing your idea. Please post more :)

  19. I need to do something like this! I have a small house and I'm running out of storage locations! Thanks for linking up to TTF @ Melissa's Antiques!

  20. Penny, you've come up with some perfect storage solutions. Pretty, too. Who says practical can't be pretty? Not me!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  21. Thank you for sharing your storage ideas. Your idea about keeping a notebook with the contents of the boxes is a good one.

  22. Such a lovely array of boxes. I love all that floral, beautiful addition to any room. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.

  23. Oh, the storage boxes on the stands are just beautiful! I love the WHOLE look! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I too, love beautiful storage boxes. But I've thought of showing them off like you have. And NEVER thought of the pretty gift bags. Think I may borrow that Idea... LOVE your beautiful space...

  25. I love these pretty boxes and what a great way to store things in plain sight! I have some in my living room storing the boys gaming stuff and miscellaneous junk. Thank you for sharing this and your pretty new dishes and bedding at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

  26. Wow, some really great tips for storing all our life's it!

  27. Very beautiful! It's like artful storage! Form meets function! love it!
    have a great weekend!
    Shana from

  28. Thanks so much for joining Fluster's #CreativeMuster party this week. It was a lot of fun to co-host. Hugs, Holly

  29. Great ideas! Pinned. Sending some love your way! Lou Lou Girls

  30. Beautiful ideas, I'm always looking for great storage ideas! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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