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Monday, August 25, 2014

Using Yard Sale and Auction Dishes to set the Table

I have a special table set for our lunch today using some of the new pieces I found at the auction and yard sales over the week end.     I  thought it would be fun to think out of the box and serve a "loaded" salad in my new silver chafing dish  ($12.50 at the auction)
I used a vintage quilt for the table cloth with a Battenburg overlay.     I found this rather worn quilt at a yard sale a few weeks wasn't marked,  so I asked the girl how much....she said "it's worn out,  would you pay .50?.....whaaaat??
The salad will be served on these gorgeous rose plates.....
Aren't these silverware holders cute?    They will hold four pieces,   perfect for a buffet table .....

The knife holder will hold up to 4 knives....
.50 each at a yard sale.
After lunch,  we will enjoy a cup of tea from the new teapot and cups....
The roosters print is perfect for my kitchen....another auction buy.

I bought these chairs at the auction a few weeks ago.    I had to buy 3 but one of them was not in very good shape, so I will have to repurose it.
H gave them a fresh coat of cream paint and shabbied them up a little with the sander.
I bought quite a few things for my booth over the week end and a few things for  but that's another post!


  1. Oh Penny! I have a huge platter that matches (or at least coordinates) with your rooster tea set, but couldn't find a pattern name on mine - does yours have one? And I just picked up a little teacup too on my latest trip that works with it. Oh dear, we know where this road leads, don't we? I love auctions just as you do, and can't believe you scored that quilt for $.50! I wonder if the girl could see your eyes dancing while you tried to contain yourself, lol! Happy Monday.
    Rita C. at Panoply

  2. Beautiful! That quilt was an amazing buy!

  3. Penny,
    Great Quilt, Lovely dishes and wonderful chairs and all at fantastic prices but those silverware holder thingies are marvelous!!! And what a steal!!!

    I think I am all caught up now but I sure loved spending this time visiting you!!


  4. It is obvious you love the hunt. It is so much fun to discover old things that are begging for a new home both you and I adopt hundreds of items to rebirth into all new purposes. Have a great week!


  5. So pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Share the recipe for your loaded salad! Beautiful!

  7. The quilt is a wonderful find and perfect as a tablecloth. I love black and white and really like your roosters! Great finds! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Love the quilt and I have always loved the silverware holders. Graet way to put things together so well! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Oh, be still my heart! Penny, I adore your black toile teapot and cups! How gorgeous! You find the best things at those auctions you go to. The silverware holders are a wonderful find as well. Lovely setting and thank you for joining me for tea. Enjoy your week.


  10. Again, another beautiful post!!!
    I love all your auctions finds
    lucky you!!!

  11. Hi Penny: Love that new Black Toile Tea set. I have the same one. I going to take it out and hopefully feature it next week. You reminded me of how much I love it. You always find such wonderful things at auctions. I think I would be in deep trouble hanging out with you. Hugs, Martha

  12. I adore your home and will be following!

  13. Great buys and love the way the table looks!

  14. It all looks so pretty.
    Happy Pinks

  15. What lovely rose plates, and that old quilt is just the thing. ;)


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