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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Scary Halloween

H and I took a little drive today to see the Halloween yard decor ......eek......I'm gonna have night mares tonight!   Who thinks I should have took a selfie with this guy!  
I'm scared in the broad daylight.....
Imagine seeing this face at night!
This pretty yard had Halloween decor everywhere.      There were several blow up figures that will come alive at night.....and lit skeleton heads will light up the area around the yard.
You must get past this full sized witch if you want to Trick or Treat here...
I wonder if she's animated, lit, or makes any sounds......I do know one thing for sure though....she has CRAZY eyes!
Skeleton pall bearers .....
The skeleton in a hammock looks like he died on a tropical island.   I bet he looks cool at night with the palm tree lit up.

I wonder why that witch flew into the tree....
You will have to get past this ghoul if you want to Trick or Treat at this house.....
In the dark....with scary music playing.....I might have to forget the candy at this house!
Nice doggy.....nice doggy.....
Except for the flying ghosts and huge spiders....this house is not tooooo scary!
Looks friendly enough.....if nothing goes bump in the night....
Now this is my kind of Halloween decor.....not scary at!
These  pumpkins will look so scary lit up on for the Trick or Treaters....
This zombie crawling out of the ground creeps me out......
I hope this guy does NOT get loose Halloween night!    Which house was your favorite....scariest?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween


  1. The first witch looks like the one in Snow White who gave her the apple. These are mild compared to a home here which goes really wild and even creates a new front to their home! They spend thousands on it!
    You can see it here:

  2. I loved this! Usually, it isn't very scary, but I can imagine these at night...eek......

  3. I too loved this!
    This post gave me so many ideas....
    Loved the pall beariers so cool
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. OH MY!!!! I guess I am more about Fall than creepy after seeing these. lol xo Diana

  5. Ohhh...i can imagine these scary decors at night! I love to see what american people can do for Halloween!

  6. They really get into it in your neck of the woods. The houses are gorgeous.

  7. Oh goodness, this is creepy over the top Penny! I'd have nightmares too! Lots of fun place, though.
    Have a nice week.

  8. Love the zombies! We have zombies in our windows and they look awesome all lit up at night. Happy Haunting!

  9. I've wanted one of those antimated Witches...but I've gotten over it. She moves her hand over the crystal ball I think...another stirs a bubbling cauldron...I liked them until I saw the price. :) I'll stick to the pumpkins...No scary here. I'll let my son do that at his home. :) He love scaring children...opens the door with a horrible mask on...sheesh!! I have a thing for Witches... :)

  10. People really get into this whole Halloween decorating and some stuff is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are awesome and super scary! No chance I would go trick & treating there! :)
    I would love if you share your neighbourhood tour with my fall themed party Big Autumn Bash:


  12. Hi! You're Zombie is AMAZING! It's definitely my favorite! Thank you so much for joining us once again at the Wake Up Wednesday Party! I hope to see you next week!

  13. OKAY!!!!! This is more like what we see in this area!! LOVE the Zombie as I am a huge FAN of the Walking Dead TV Show!!! Those big blow Up things are very popular in our area!!


  14. Hello cute lady! Everything looks so cool. Pinned. We couldn't think of anyone better to party with. We hope to see you tomorrow at 7 pm.
    Happy Sunday! Lou Lou Girls

  15. Hi, Penny! I'm stopping by once again to let you know that for a second week in a row you will be a featured blogger on the Wake Up Wednesday link party! Congrats! We must really love you around. ;) Great zombie again, by the way. Hope to see you at our party tomorrow night at 8 p.m.
    Kate, WUW co-host

  16. Oh my Penny, these are a bit too scary for me too! Poor little ones would be scared out of their wits. Maybe it's a tactic to not have to give out any candy. lol! There are a few scary homes around here also. Zombies are all the rage! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. Thank you so much for linking up with Big Autumn Bash ! :)

  18. Wow! Scarry! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  19. Congratulations! This post (out of 400+ link ups) has been featured on Wake-Up Wednesday.
    Check it out here -



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