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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Valentine Tree

This year I decorated my vintage pink bottle brush tree for Valentine's Day with  pastel pink & baby blue ornaments and just a touch of red.
I found my blingy ornaments at At Home  (formerly Garden Ridge) in the 75% off isle.   The big baby blue round ones were $2 and the rest were about $1 each.    
I didn't decorate my pink bottle brush tree last year,   but this is how it looked the year before when it was in the entry way.

I thought some  big diamond rings would be fun to use on the Valentine tree as lots of couples get engaged on Valentines Day.   When these rings are not on the tree,   I use them year round as napkin rings. do see some Christmas that is still out in the upper left corner of the photo....don't judge!

At the very top of the tree is a big blue ring that I will use as a napkin ring after Valentines Day  (also from At Home)  I bought all they had,  which was 5.      

I completed my Valentine vignette with a Love sign,  a couple of rose plates,  a wooden Be Mine sign,  and my cherub bust.  You've seen her many times,   I made her Valentine crown a couple of years ago from a party hat  that came from the Dollar Tree.

We are still working on the back soon to show you the progress!


  1. Penny you are a Valentine everyday! Love the "Love Tree"! Can't wait to see the kitchen! ♥

  2. Love your Valentine tree Penny! It is so festive and fun.

  3. Love your kitchen! What brand and color paint are you using on the cabinets? Did you sand before you repainted, or should I ask did H sand? Wish I had I/10th your energy!

  4. A Valentine tree!?? Wow, you do every holiday! So cute.

  5. Creative..I've known a lot of creative people but are just the best! So inventive..I love it! I can't sleep so here I am for a treat! Can't wait to see the kitchen. I love that you celebrate all our special day's. I should undecorate my little feather tree and do a Valentine tree...Yeah..I should do that! :)

  6. Penny,
    You knew I would just love this sweet tree!! As one who has decorated Trees in her home year round, I LOVE it!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!! I just have the Kitchen left downstairs ( don't care when I get to the upstairs) in which to take down Christmas and the downstairs will be ready for More Winter decor and Valentine's Decor....Glad to hear that you left some snow men out!! LOL!!


  7. What a great idea! I love your little sparkly pink tree

  8. I love love love your Valentine Tree! The love sign is adorable and the diamond rings are fabulous. Great idea!

  9. Your Valentine tree is gorgeous! I love the touches of blue.

  10. Very pretty, Penny! I have to think about getting my tree decorated for Valentines too. Thanks for sharing.


  11. That's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming by the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week!

  12. It's so sweet Penny. Love those gorgeous ornaments! The rings are a fun addition. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Hi Penny I just love your Valentine tree! Can I put a picture of your tree on my blog with a link to yours? I would love to share this tree with my blog visitors on

    kind regards,


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