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Sunday, August 30, 2015


I didn't strike gold Saturday,  but I sure struck silver!    We got up early to go yard salin',   and the first sale we went to was just around the corner from our house and it was just opening.
I went to school with the parents of the girl that was having the sale,   wonder if her mom knew she was selling all this silver.    

It was my pleasure to take quite a few pieces off her!     The lid on this butter dish was different from the ones I have see is on hinges and just folds back.

She had her silver  marked  from $1 to $5 

Aren't these salt and pepper shakers gorgeous!

  We are using silver to serve the reception buffet at our daughters wedding in Oct,  so I have been picking up silver at yard sales.
I found these silver measuring cups at Pier 1.

At a different sale,  I saw this ivory ironstone lid, ..... not marked.       I asked the lady how much and she said   "I haven't marked it because I broke the bottom.   If you like can have it"    I had bought some other things there,  so I went on ahead a took it.

I added this anniversary plate to my ever growing collection.     I probably  need to get rid of some of them!

This is a small round tablecloth and 24 napkins.    I've never seen that many in one place   $2 for all.   

I thought we could use these paper napkins as a back up at the wedding reception.

Did you think I had forgotten to say anything about the pig you saw with the salt and pepper shakers,   of course I didn't forget her!         I bought her from the lady where I got the free ironstone lid      I also bought a 50"s chair and some linens there...   but this post is already long enough,  so I'll show you later.  lol       Anywhoo,  I knew she would look perfect with my pig that you have all seen so many times!   Don't they look sweet together?


  1. Wow I say you sure did struck silver....simply gorgeous! I'm loving the butter dish and salt and pepper shakers....


  2. Penny,
    You sure did strike Silver!! All is so pretty!! Beautiful!

  3. OMG dear friend, you did great! You sure striked silver as I love all your silver pieces, specially the butter dish and S&Ps and your lovely white free top cover, I would have done the same as it looks good in any plate...AND FREE too! The piggies do look adorable together.

  4. I sold a silver coffee set and a pewter coffee set when I was moving and it made me feel good that the women treasured them.

  5. I did the same thing Penny, except I went to an Estate sales..and came home with a truckload..I even bought tree's in pots...huge things..and stuff I don't need. If I had a booth like you do ...but I don't. I have way too much stuff. Not ready to "scale down" and doubt I ever will be...but I do need to take it easy on the buying. It's such fun though. A treasure hunt. Helped my son with is garage sale..what a hassle. I would rather donate than have a garage sale.
    LOVELY things you found. Do you ever buy things and then forget what the heck you bought?? I do! I now carry a book and pen in my purse to write things down...and then forget to do it! Congrats on such great finds!!! :)

  6. You always find wonderful things!!!

  7. Very cool, I can't get over the prices you find things for. The pig staring at the other pig is just the cutest!

  8. You did good !!! Beautiful pieces! I love plaid!!!

  9. I can't believe what prices you get things at…here up north even the GoodWill has them for more! I'm sure your wedding table will be gorgeous! And 'petunia' Pig…is sweet, she simply looks so pleased with herself, LOL!

  10. These are great finds!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  11. The silver finds are great, but that Ironstone lid was an absolute steal!!! Good for you!!!

  12. Great shopping! I love the salt and pepper shakers. Enjoy!

  13. Wonderful additions to your home. The Ironstone Lid - love the knob finial, is amazing.

  14. How you manage to find such beautiful treasures is beyond me! :) Lovely finds, dear Penny. So glad you joined Roses of Inspiration this week.

  15. Your silver finds are lovely, and such good prices, too. Looks like the wedding is really going to sparkle.

  16. You always amaze me, Penny on your AMAZING finds! Love the pig-and getting that ironstone lid-BONUS!! Thank you so much for sharing at the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

  17. Great silver finds and the prices are even better!!! The piggies are just too cute!!!

  18. This post was so fun! Thanks for sharing!

    What a wonderful idea to collect items for the reception through yard sales! Very frugal and fruitful! :-)

  19. OMG, what amazing finds - at an amazing prices! And thanks for linking up to my link party!

    Do you really link up to all of them - how impressive!

    Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

  20. Oh, wow!!! The silver is beautiful. The linens are equally pretty. The pigs are so cute.

  21. Silver is so sophisticated however I also love the pigs! Thanks for sharing with us at #WednesdaysWisdom

  22. You find the best yard sales with the best stuff! That silver collection is pretty amazing, I'm sure it will look lovely at your daughter's reception!


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