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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nautical Guest Bath

I got the Christmas all packed away in the guest bath and cleaned it top to bottom.   A sparkling clean room.....neutral pallet....what a great way to start...but what would be my decorating theme?
I had taken advantage of Dillard's 75% off Christmas isle and had some new nautical items ....but they were Christmas....can I use them to decorate now?
Well,  let's see if I can!

I hung a Christmas ornament anchor on the front of a mirror......

Last summer I had this big seashell as some of the decor on the deck mantle.   I had brought it in for the winter and had it under the sink in the master bathroom.   I thought I might use it in the master bathroom since it is done in a beachy theme.

I filled my big sea shell with pearls....from the!    The bicycle is from the Dillard's Christmas sale.   It was an nautical tree ornament....the little basket is filled with tiny sea shells.    The  crab cage has a crystal crab in it and is also a tree ornaments from Dillard's.
I hung  Christmas sea shell tassels on one of my candelabra's.

I tried to get a clear close up,  but my tassels didn't want to cooperate.

I also hung these crystal on the candelabra,  but they wouldn't photograph at all!   I finally laid them on a book to get a good picture.

This end of the counter is decorated with items that I already had.

This end of the counter got sail boat ornaments guessed it....Dillard's 75% off Christmas sale.

All of the decor on the other counter is stuff that I already had on hand.

I made a sea shell crown for my "Queen of the Sea"

My Relax sign was also under the cabinet from the deck mantel....below is a photo of the deck I keep talking about

H bought a big box of reels at the auction this past summer and I dug one out to use in my nautical guest bath.

Well,  what do you think?   Can you use  ornaments to decorate with after Christmas?

  I think you can!


  1. Penny, I love how you used everything. So cute. I like the blue toile sailboats. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. When you redid this bath room this pass summer. It was my favor....but now it is just getting better. I love all the after christmas sales you have mix in. It would just make you feel good to come into this room. It is so beautiful.

  3. Penny, you did a beautiful job, Love! Happy New Year and GOD bless you, beautiful friend! :-)

  4. Excellent! I'm in love with the theme , it's timely and could work for the entire year!

  5. They imitation in the sincerest form of flattery. I hope you are flattered that I plan to use your idea of the fishing reel. I have an old one of my dad's and I need to set it out on display

    I love that you decorate with what you love and what pleases you. I too have some anchor Christmas ornaments hanging in our bathroom!

    Thanks for joining the party at Share Your Cup.

  6. I love it! Of course, I love nautical, but adding the extra pieces looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Penny,
    Everything looks so pretty!! I am changing the outside over to Winter decor now and will slowly start in the house as this was the first chance i could get.


  8. ¡Fantastic job Penny!.
    Ha ve a nice year 2016.

  9. Something wonderful to see in EVERY room of your home!

  10. Dear Penny:
    I think I will become a mermaid and live here permanently! What a darling theme you have "dreamed up" and what great fun! I love the neutral background of it all as well! I am so glad you shared!

  11. I agree, Penny! You can use your Christmas ornies for decorating with. I love the little bicycle and the toile sailboats. Really cute ideas! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Penny, you really scored at Dillards. My favorites are the sail boats and the bicycle. I love your Queen of the Sea bust. Your guest bath is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  13. I like everything but my favorite is the sailboats. You did such a nice job with all the ornaments and proved they work for more than just Christmas :)

  14. Your style really catches my eye. You have a way to putting all of the items together in a pleasing way.

  15. Hi Penny! I love this bathroom. The nautical theme is so cute. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday last week! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  16. It's the prettiest nautical theme I've ever seen. Some things can really be difficult to photograph, can't they! I'm so glad you share your decor talents with us at Merry Monday.

  17. Having a Brilliant ideas and a good sense in passion makes the decoration's perfect. Congats Penny!


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