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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Odds and Ends Photo's

When we are out and about,  I use my phone camera to take photo's of  stuff that catches my eye.     I was cleaning my gallery up and noticed several photo's that I haven't used in a posts and thought I would share them before they get deleted.

The old truck you see in the photo above is in a little town about 8 miles away from where I live.   It sits in front of  a cute boutique.

I took a photo of this water feature  to use as inspiration for a project that I have in mind......

I recently did a post on container gardening and had taken several photo's of unusual containers the end,  I decided to use only photo's of my own yard for the post,

When I edited the post of my yard gardening containers,   somehow a couple got left out!      The old milk can got a make over.......

and went from a rusty gold color to a pretty green color..

This old tractor sits in front of a local shop called Traci's.......

This is another photo that didn't make the cut for my container gardening post.......

This old grill was used by my dad for our cookouts.....back in the 70's

I loved the wheelbarrow of flowers and metal art used in the yard across town from where I live.....

Traci's shop north of town carries one of the biggest selections of metal art that I have seen in our area.     I would like to have one of these metal birdhouses in the yard......I need to go back out there and see if there are any left.

Would this be considered container gardening?    I decided probably not and did not include it in my earlier post about container gardening.

This bed of hydrangea's is in a yard a couple of streets south of our house.....isn't it gorgeous!     I don't have any luck growing hydrangea's,   I've killed every plant I have ever bought!

Here's another container gardening photo I didn't use in my previous post.......

And here is the last of my unused container gardening photo's.....

Don't you just love the arched windmill blades on old porch posts?    

Would love to do this somewhere in our yard.

Where I Party.......


  1. Love it...oh what I could with that "chandelier" that is showing in your last photo. Have a beautiful rest of the day.

  2. This is a wonderful post of fun photos and places that you have visited, I know there are so many fun places in Texas, thank you for sharing on the Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Feature party this week and the mention! Hope you have a wonderful "safe" weekend!

  3. I think the use of the old grill is brilliant.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your Texas.

  5. I've seen some really neat "containers' In your yard in past posts. LOVE the little old truck with the bail of hay in it and the pots around. Your old wagon out front is one of my favorites as well.

  6. What a charming array of miscellaneous round-abouts! You've got yourself quite an arrow-point-and-chevron theme going there. My favorite is the valiant old orange truck, juxtaposed with the two shades of blue---teal and sky.



  7. Great photos...thanks so much for sharing---and love the windmill blades...such a great look! Sandi

  8. Thank you for sharing at TaDa Thursday!!! I love the truck and those Hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!


  9. You must take a lot of photos. I enjoyed seeing them all. I guess you live where it isn't too humid. No metal grill would last but a few years here. How neat to have one from the 1970's and I love how you used it as a planter. I had a wagon and wheelbarrow in my yard at one time, but not for very long. They both rusted through in no time.

  10. I just love those metal birdhouses!

  11. I just love those metal birdhouses!

  12. I love all of these little touches you have throughout your home and yard!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday! Pinned!

  13. Such great experiences you had taking these!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  14. What fun! Love the yellow kettle grill now overflowing in greens! So great to have you join our party at TaDa!

  15. So many fun items Penny and the old trucks look wonderful in vignettes being repurposed one way or another! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Penny,
    I am playing catch Up today so I will be visiting all the posts that i missed.... Love the old truck, the grill and the milk can!! All so sweet!!


  17. Wonderful photos and that grill planter is very different.

  18. Wonderful images, Penny! Those hydrangeas really are gorgeous! I kid you not, I just painted my old milk can too which my father left me. I painted mine yellow to match my doors. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend.



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