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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wall Decor Changes in the Sunroom

The sunrrom needed a wall decor change.    

 I've had pretty much the same thing on the wall behind the sofa for about 3-4 years

The big round clock and cuckoo clock bird houses you see in the photo on the left have been moved to another area.

 I wanted to put mirrors on that wall to reflect our backyard and give the sunroom more of an outdoor look.    The mirrors also added more light to the room.  

The mirror on the left was in the entry......the center mirror was in the hallway and the mirror on the right was left over from my bathroom remodel.    

 I changed the coffee table to a small round one......

The big square coffee table that was there before went to the storage area for a while.

I took out the round table that was in the corner and replaced it with a birdcage condo.     I also switched the chairs that were on each end of the sofa.

I added a sweet bee pillow to the chair in that corner.

Here is the other end of the sofa.    By moving out the big coffee table,   I had room to bring back in the ottoman that matches the chair   (it was in the studio)

This chair got a new pillow.....

and a bee blanket to cover the ottoman to keep it from getting soiled.   

So,   there are the changes to that wall in the sunroom.

The west wall that is reflected in the mirror has a big fairy garden on it......

The bird condo that you saw in the corner by the sofa came from the end of the fairy garden.     I moved Ky's chair over there where she can see outside.  

Her chair was where the green one is now.    Are you able to keep up with all the furniture switching that happened?

This tea cart table was at the left end of the sofa.....with the sides folded down to make it like an end table.    The yellow rocker was in the studio and the green chair was in front of the big fairy garden.

I've started a new fairy garden....more photo's when it's finished.

It took most of the day to move all the furniture and hang the mirrors,   but it was worth all the work!

I love the new look in the sunroom!

Where I Party.....


  1. Beautiful! Your fairy garden is amazing!!!!
    Love from Spain.

  2. Your new fairy garden is wonderful! I love all of your changes

  3. Oh how very the fairy garden, Penny. Have a beautiful day, smiles.

  4. I like all the changes. I don't move my furniture as much as I used to so it's fun to watch you switch yours around. :) Very summery soft and beautiful!!

  5. I love what mirrors can do in a room! You are fortunate to have so many lovely windows too. I have my father's violin hanging in the family room and I would dearly love to paint it. But he gave it to my son who gave it to me until he moves back here. He would have a cow if I painted it! But oh, some days, I'm tempted. Yours looks so nice hanging there. Love your new look! Thanks for sharing.


  6. You really did make the room much brighter! I am kindof amazed. I love the new look.

  7. This is just beautiful! I wish you could come do my home :)
    I'm Katie Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!
    Also, your newest follower :)

    Would love it if you would stop by

    Simply Mama of 2!

  8. Everything looks great!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  9. Penny,
    You know that I have always loved your sun room!! Now I love it even more!! The mirrors look fantastic!! I love the violin too. I have my grand mother' s mandolin and it is in rough shape so I am thinking of painting it! I adore your indoor fairy garden and i hope to do an indoor one when I move mine in for the Winter.....
    Great changes and inspiration as always!!

  10. The painted violin is my favorite thing! Cute! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  11. Looks bright and beautiful for a sun room! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  12. I LOVE the new look! The mirror is a fabulous idea to bring in the outdoors! Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth!

  13. It's so great to change things up sometimes. So nice that you have the spare things. I love that little bee throw. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Pinning this. Hope to see you again next week. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas


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