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Monday, November 27, 2017

Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

Before I decide how I'm going to decorate the family room for Christmas,   I go back and look at what I've done the last few years.       I don't want to use the same decorations year after year,   but I can't just go out and buy new each year.....well,  maybe just a couple of new!

I try to create something new and fresh each year..... while still using what I've collected over the years.    I try not to use last years decorations in the same room,   so I rotate decor from room to room each year.    I also might change the fabric or paint them a different color

So,  I'm excited to share my Christmas family room for 2017!

Last year I had a big piece of vintage wind mill blades as the centerpiece for the mantel.   
 I'm loving green this year and I opted for simple farmhouse style wreath as the centerpiece for the mantel       I dressed my wreath up a little bit by adding a pink bow and several paint dipped pink pine cones.

I made quite a few of my Christmas decorations this year.     I made pink and blue pom poms and a few of my Christmas ornaments

When I was looking thru Christmas past photo's,   I fell in love again with the lit rag garland that I made for the mantel in 2014.     I thought about just adding some blue to the 2014 pink garland,  but in the end I decided to make a new one with all the blue scraps I had on hand.   These garlands are so simple to make,   just tie fabric strips onto a string of icicle lights.

I shop the yard sales all year long ....being sure to keep an eye out for something I can use for seasonal decor.   I found this metal windmill a few weeks ago at a yard sale and thought it would be perfect for what I had planned for the mantel this year.

There is a lit metal barn on each side of the wreath.....

Here is the other metal barn......

I plant to give my barns a make over after Christmas and use them year round.      I try to buy items that can be used more than just for Christmas decor

I have a Farmhouse mouse at the end of the mantel.....

Not a creature was stirring......not even a mouse

At the end of the fireplace,   I have a small tree that is decorated with ornaments made exclusively for it by!

The stand I have it on is pretty unusual.....even for me!    I used the white wicker lounge as the stand for my short tree.   I wanted my tree to be about the same height as the one I used on the other side,  and this was how I accomplished it!

I covered plastic balls with fabric scraps to create the ornaments for my tree.

Here is the tree on the other side......I'm not going to bore you with close ups of that tree since I've already done a post on it.

Here's a link to that post if you would like to see it......

I also have a post about my vintage ornaments wreaths above the sofa that sits across from the fireplace.   Here's a link to that post......

The mirror that is above the sofa reflects most of the family room.....

And here's the flip side of the fireplace.....

That concludes my tour of the Christmas family room.....2017......hope you enjoyed it.

    Now to spread some Christmas cheer to the dining area of the family room


  1. It is just softly beautiful, Penny, and I think your blog header is the prettiest Christmas one I have seen yet! Love it! xo Diana

  2. Penny, I love the barns and the new wreath together. That windmill is perfect to go with the barns. Love the white Santa with the flocked tree too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I like the metal barn. I'm not too fond of the swag. Kind of ruins it (for me). But I love everything else.

  4. fairy! I especially love the Santa Claus and the gorgeous mirror
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. I am loving that windmill. It is simply adorable.

  6. I love your whole house.
    Thanks for the tips on making your lit rag garland! I had no idea it was so easy. I am going to make me one. I bought one of those barns, but didn't realize there were two different designs. I will have to go back and see if I can find the other one too.
    :) gwingal

  7. I love the pink fur at the base of the fireplace!

  8. This is absolutely spectacular and so well thought out. I love the mouse- I don't like to decorate or store things for holiday decorating but I sure enjoy looking at someone elses

  9. That is really lush! I like the effect of twinkle lights through the fabric - thanks so much for sharing with Party in Your PJs!

  10. Such a delightful and adorable mantle!! You have done it again!

  11. I love your pink pick-up truck. It fits right in with the rest of your decor.

  12. Penny,
    Beautiful!! Love the linens and lights on the mantle and the 2 trees on each side!! Stunning, my friend!!! I am playing catch up because I lost internet service the other day for 24+ hours when they did a massive upgrade, causing us to need two modems when we only had one!!!

  13. The barn on your mantel is gorgeous. I have always loved barns and lately I am noticing all things galvanized. I think its great that you move your Christmas decor from room to room and that you reuse some of it by painting it. The stuff is expensive and only out for a short time but I don't like the same things every year either. Great job it looks wonderful.

  14. I LOVE the metal barns and pink pine cones.

    When my mother saw the pink pine cones she literally gasped. lol! She's in love with them.


  15. The metal barns are my favorite! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  16. Penny, your mantel is outstanding! Just love the rag garland! Love the little galvanized houses on the mantel, the mouse, and the windmill all compliment the look so nicely.

  17. I love the wreath and those barns are fabulous - I love how you always add your pink

  18. I forgot to ask, but were the metal barns found at a yard sale too or did you find them at someplace like Hobby Lobby? I would love to know. (For years now I've been tired of how we decorate the mantle every year, and since last Christmas have wanted to decorate with something rustic, like those barns).

    1. I found my metal barns at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago....hugs

  19. Thank You for answering. (I only just now saw your reply. I need to find out how to correct my notifications). That's another store I miss; Tuesday Morning Inc. We used to visit one all the time before we moved out to the boonies.


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