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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Adding Christmas Touches to my Night Stand

This morning.    I made my project for today adding Christmas to the table next to my side of the bed.   
 I don't really have any plans or schedule to my decorating madness.......I just play with whatever I feel like that day.     Retirement IS all it's cracked up to be!

I decorated these yard sale ceramic houses last year and used them in my Christmas decorating on the counters in the kitchen. 

  After Christmas,   I moved them onto the buffet  in the formal living/dining room and included them in my Easter decor.

Now,   they're in the bedroom for Christmas!

I was so excited when I spotted this small ...lit....white... ceramic  tree at a yard sale a while back.    It's the littlest one I've ever seen.     
 The Christmas tree is being delivered to the house tied to the roof  of a white 53 Cadillac 

This was such a fun Christmas vignette to create.......

My Christmas vignette will be the last thing I see before going to sleep each night.....

I have a grove of trees between the houses that I have decorated with clusters of pearls.....

I added pink trees and pearls to the roof top of the bigger house ........

I have the bottom shelf of my side table decorated very similar to the top one.   

Two ceramic houses ......a gazebo......and a tree tied to the top of a vintage car!    

This time the car is a 59 Oldsmobile!

I added some Christmas fabric to the chair next to my bedside table.

Ho Ho Ho

What is H doing while I'm playing in the bedroom with Christmas decor?

H  loves to cook,   and today he is making apple fried pies.   You may remember he made apricot fried pies last week .....the kids came by and they all disapeared!

Several of you have asked for his's all in his head.     I asked him if he could share a few of his secrets to making a great fried pie.      He said use your favorite pie crust recipe    Add sugar to your fruit and cook it til it's thick....let it completely cool before making your pies.   Some of his tips are to be sure to get a good seal around the edges......don't fill your pie too full or it will ease out when you fry it.........add more fruit to the top of your pie before serving.

Hope these tips help you to make yummy fried pies for the holidays.

I hope to share the master bedroom Christmas mantel with you soon!


  1. such a lovely post. I love the pink Christmas theme and the tree on the old car. Everything looks beautiful, dainty , and charming. Thanks for sharing

  2. Penny, I really really like that. It looks really cute. I love the tree on top of the old car.

  3. Omg I lurk your blog all the time it inspires me, but I'm coming out to ask were did you find the fabric with the pink Santa. Hat on your beautiful chair

    1. Thank you for coming out! I've had that fabric for so many years, I really don't remember where I found it...sorry.....

    2. I understand I do the same things with some of my items ,I really do get inspired buy your displays,I did shabby chic for years,then went to neutrals, but find myself being pulled back to shabby,I think u are the perfect solution for my decor needs,don't worry I'll still be lurking lol

  4. I love the car and tree. I'm going to copy that right now.

  5. I have to find myself a vintage car add to my Christmas decor. My first car was a blue Ford Fairlane I think. That's vintage enough, don't you think? Not that I'm revealing my age or anything!!

    I wasn't sure how I felt about all the liberties I've seen folks taking with their Christmas decor colors. But I do like the white and the pink is a nice change. I think I'd like to see some pale green mixed in there somewhere.

    1. Hi, I saw on Facebook a group that collects the Jadeite which are those very light pale green dishes. I have a bunch myself and they way they displayed them with touches of Christmas red and green, came out so lovely. I never would have thought to use pale green but this FB group did a great job with using their dishes. SO now next year I will be displaying mine for Christmas.

  6. This is so lovely. You really have a flair for putting together such pretty vignettes.

  7. Like an adorable fairy land!!! So pretty!

  8. I fell in love with Your punk xmas decors
    Hugs Alessandra

  9. thanks for sharing with us at #BloggersPitStop, Penny and have a great week.

  10. Penny,
    LOVE this!! OMG!! Those houses are stunning and it is so great that they can be used for several Holidays!! What a lovely display you have made in your bedroom!!Amazing!!!

  11. So pretty! Those fried pies are making me hungry. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The pink and white theme is such a great alternative to traditional Christmas colours. I love the pink trees and the ceramic houses, especially. They add to the 'dreamy' feeling that your table vignette evokes. So special!

  13. What a pretty winter wonderland you've created!Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. Your night stand looks gorgeous! That will certainly give you pleasant dreams! Thanks so much for sharing at our Party in Your PJs.

  15. Wow you bedroom is fabulous - those houses are amazing and I really want that recipe for Apple fried pies I can smell them from here

  16. A husband that bakes while you decorate is certainly wonderful. Good for both of you. The pink Santa is swoon worthy and I am always amazed at the things you find at garage sales. Other than the pies, I really loved the cadillac hauling the tree idea.

  17. Your sugar-plum Christmas village vignette is incredibly romantic and nostalgic and inviting. I really enjoy what you did with the ceramic houses - they have become over the top cake top ornamentations for a glamorous vintage celebration!
    I also had fun seeing your cars with the Christmas trees on top - I just got two of those this week! And they are different than yours! I can see a new collection waiting to happen! LOL
    Once again, I thank you for sharing your home!

  18. Your display is like a Victorian Christmas Candyland....I adore the pillow on the chair which looks like a huge rose. All the whimsical touches you added are delightful. I never saw such beautiful ceramic houses but your beautiful post now inspired me to use my indoor bird houses that I keep on display above my china cabinet. I love seeing beauty in things that we normally don't use for decorating and now I am inspired to start using mine in different seasons. thanks for the lovely posts.


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