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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Container Herb Garden on the Porch

      H and I frequently entertain on the front porch,   so it's the perfect place for a small herb garden.

We use herbs when we grill out on the porch and also use them in some of the drinks we fix

I began my herb garden by making a sweet banner to hang above it.

I have several pots of mint in my herb garden to add to coffee and tea so I chose images for my banner that reflect that.

I also have basil,   sage,   and parsley available for H to use when he grills.

I printed a plant marker to stick in my Basil.....the love herb.

I also printed a marker for my Sage plants.....   Sage is the  Wisdom herb.

    I use chocolate mint the most,   but I have a pot of  Pineapple mint to use in  a big pitcher of Mojilto's

I love to add chocolate mint to my iced coffee.

In the warm months,   we drink iced coffee by the truck,   I have my pink pickup truck filled with coffee beans.

My favorite drink is Starbucks frappuccino with a  splash of salted caramel Kahlua ......topped with whipped cream......and a sprig of chocolate mint.       I place the mint in the palm of my hand  and slap it with the other hand.      I find this method gives me just the amount of mint flavor and smell that I want in my drink.

A must for good iced coffee is coffee ice cubes.......regular ice cubes water down the drink too much!     

Baileys and coffee are also good!

I have apple mint on hand too for pitchers of Apple Mojito's

Not a coffee is a great addition to iced tea

I like to use the single servings of coffee when we entertain.        I can have a variety of flavors available  (Caramel,  Mocha,  and Vanilla)      and  then everyone can make their own just the way they like it! 
 I recycle most of my empty bottles.     You can remove the Starbuck sticker with Goo be gone or WD 40.     Just glue a pretty print on and you have a pretty vase.

The prints I used are on my Pinterest board.    Here's the link if you would like to use them in your crafting projects

H went to the storage building today and picked up the cushions for the wicker furniture we have on the porch    so I have been busy getting them tied on.    Don't want them blowing down the!

I also have been decorating the porch,    so   I'll be back soon to show you the porch all decorated for spring!


  1. Beautiful! I love the pink pickup truck..

  2. When I print with card stock (I want to print the adorable spring birds and triangle banner you shared last week), it rolls out of the printer! How do you get your prints to be flat and not rolled?!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the prints that I share! I don't know what's wrong....I've never had that problem and I have a cheap $60 printer. I wonder if your printer is putting too much ink on the paper since card stock is so stiff it is hard to get it to bend. hugs....

  3. Wow - I haven't seen a metal ice cube tray like that in years. It brought back many memories of my childhood -like spilling the water when I overfilled the tray, and my fingers sticking to the tray bottom. Love the look of your porch - very sweet and welcoming.

  4. Penny,
    Love the herb garden on your front porch!! So pretty!! You have been very creative this Spring..... I seem to be in a rut and feel like I am constantly playing catch up. I still have Easter up.....

  5. Your adorable banner is what attracted me to this post. Its lovely! And I pinned your Starbuck + Kahlua recipe. I'm excited to try it!

  6. I love your banner--it's so cute. I'm going to make a waterproof banner for my summer pavilion. Pinned and shared <3

  7. The spring banner is my favourite. Everything is very pretty

  8. That pink truck is so sweet! You have such a knack with your displays, it looks like you have so much fun. You are lucky the rain doesn't seem to wreck it all. I have nowhere safe outside. Your drink looks wonderful - I must try coffee ice blocks too.

  9. Thank you for sharing this 'herb garden' idea at Simply Neutral Tuesdays! You have inspired me : ) Though I only have a balcony at my apt.; I can still try a small sized herb garden. Appreciate the inspiration! karen o

  10. Absolutely enchanting and fabulous. Love it!

  11. Love everything about this, Penny! Porch living is the best! I love how you've got the herbs handy for your husband's grilling; my husband would never know what to do with fresh herbs-LOL!

  12. I love how pretty you decorated your porch Penny! Thanks for sharing this at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J. Enjoy the week
    Julie xo

  13. I love the herbs and tea print banner. The plant markers are adorable too. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  14. The banner is darling! Love the images! Thank you for joining us on Friday Frenzy! P~

  15. Such a burst of color and greenery Penny! It's just what we need here in the land that does not know spring... (and I am not even in Canada). Thanks for all this inspiration!

  16. What a fun banner for your herb garden! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  17. Such a fun and pretty Herb Garden. I love how you decorated those coffee bottles. This post will be Featured at the new Merry Monday party. Thank you for sharing with us.

  18. Absolutely inspiring! I always grow herbs on my deck during summer, and this summer they'll look much more decorative with your ideas. I think I'll be drinking some Starbucks frappuccino because those jar vases are adorable.

  19. Seriously, this is beyond adorable and inspiring! Love it!

  20. Such fun ideas for an herb garden!!!

    I missed hosting Friday Features last week, but I'm back in full swing with lots of fun ideas and your being featured!!
    Hope you will stop by and share again!!
    Happy Weekend!

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