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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring Cleaning & a New Car

Everything gets so dirty over the winter,    doesn't it! 
   H has been doing some spring cleaning in the yard and on the porch.    I took the first photo's you'll see last week.    Then took some more this morning,   so you will see a noticeable difference in the blossoms/leaves on the pear tree's when you compare last weeks with today's photo's. 
  He removed all the farm table chairs and put them on the drive to give them a good "hosing down"

He also hosed down all the wicker furniture on the porch.

H  hosed down the porch too and let it dry  before he put the furniture back.     

Today........notice how the tree's are pretty much green now.......H is cleaning  the cars.
  The Cadillac is getting a detail since she will sadly be leaving us in a few days.     We bought her in 2011 and decided it was time for a new car.    My first cousin (and one of my best friends)  bought her to give to her daughter and will be flying in from Dallas in a few days to drive her back to her new home.

H  detailed the Yukon too. 
  We bought it new in 2003 and H still uses it to pull the trailer and also as a second car when we need one.    

And here's the new car! 
  It's a 2018 Acadia Denali.....she had been driven 44 miles when we bought her.

Loved the twin sun roof's  over the front and rear seats.

She does everything but drive herself.....even has a AC plug in for my Notebook.  

We had several choices of licences plates but we chose to put the new chili plate on her. 

   New Mexico's  chili plate received America's best license plate Award for 2017...........

So,   H has all the cars cleaned and ready to go!

What am I doing while H is cleaning cars?     I've been decorating the porch!   

Be back soon with the reveal


  1. Penny,
    Of course the interior of your new car would be white!!!! LOL!!! And the car itself would be white!!! Good luck with your new car!!
    We will finally be seeing some warmer weather in a few days...Maybe...just maybe Spring may actually have arrived here in NEPA!!

  2. Penny, That hard working man of yours did a fine job. Love all the clean car lined up. Your seating area looks so pretty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I love Your new car.I'm curious to see Your new decors in the porch

  4. I read an article several years ago that said white cars are the safest to drive because they are easier to see on the highway. I drive onlyn white cars since then. I have a white Jeep. I love your porch.

  5. The new car is very nice. Can't wait to see the new spring decorations.

  6. Looking good and ready for enjoyment. Nice car!!! I am sure it will get more miles on it!

  7. Wow, lots of hard work going on at your house! There is so much "greenery" around the outside of your house, Penny, I didn't realize that you lived in New Mexico. Whenever I've visited my sister-in-law and her husband everything has look so much more brown. Both times I've gone in the Spring, too, so I don't think it's a seasonal thing. They live in Albuquerque. Maybe your area has more green than there. Coming from Michigan it's always a shock to me when I get there that the green has disappeared. I guess you would get used to it if you lived there.

  8. Love the new car! It is gorgeous especially in white. I just bought the same Chromebook and I absolutely love it. I put my heavy MacBook on the shelf and I take the Chromebook everywhere.

  9. All our cars in Aus are white too... can't say the same for the interiors they used to be full of soccer mud and dog hairs... a car detailing hubby would be handy :) Love the pink flower boxes so pretty!
    Wren x

  10. I love the new Acadia Denalis! Congrats!

  11. Congratulations on your gorgeous new vehicle! Thanks for joining us on Friday Frenzy! P~


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