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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Filling the Empty Space my Herb Garden Left

The herb garden I had in the kitchen window didn't do as well as I had hoped,    so I moved it outside.      All the herb plants are flourishing outside,   but now I just have a big empty place in the kitchen where they used to be.

I moved the herb garden a while back,   and  I decided this morning that I was tired of looking at an empty space.      I need to put some  "stuff"!

Before,    with the herb garden............................................................Now 

I got so busy this morning  that I didn't take a photo of the empty area,   but image it with just the chair and the rooster!    

Here's where the herb garden went. 

 The mint was planted in a vintage grocery cart

The basil,  rosemary,  sage ,  and parsley were all planted in the chive garden.

I moved the chair that was left into the dining room,    and that left only the rooster!      It looked really bare then!

    I started playing with stuff I had around the house.       I moved the piano bench in for a different look and put my white enamel veggy bins in the corner on a small table.

I decided to give the bench a fresh look by opening the lid to give it a back.

I put some fabric on the seat and new back and draped a crocheted piece over the back.

Then     I pinned a rag garland to the fabric and crocheted piece.     You may remember seeing the rag garland on the ladder  in an earlier photo.     

I put a white metal carpenters tool box under the bench and filled it with my left behind rooster and a nest of pink eggs.

I filled the top  veggy bin with doilies......eggs.......and tucked a metal rooster behind it all.

I filled the bottom bin with more doilies,  eggs,   and birds.     I've been looking for a place to put the Stressed sign I bought a few weeks ago and thought it would look good here.   

 What happened to the middle bin??????     I forgot to get a photo of so just pop back up to an earlier photo and you'll see it has doilies and a white metal container of  eggs.

I left the existing ladder in the corner,    but I stood  a photo mobile in front of it.

I made my mobile a few weeks ago and  hadn't found it a permanent home yet.     I like it here,    so I guess it's at home now!

When I put the metal veggy  bins in the corner,   they covered up the cup and saucer picture I had hanging on the wall..
So,   the cups and saucers got  hung over on the wall by the refrigerator.

I like it just as well here,     maybe even better!


What happened to the headboard that was hung there before !!!

If you look close under the bench,    you'll see the headboard tucked in behind it. 

Whew!!!!    Everything is moved to it's new home.     Talk about domino!


  1. Herbs are so finicky! I've had little success indoors or outdoors with them...but maybe its just me and not the plants. hehe Glad yours are loving the outdoors
    I like your idea of leaving the lid up on the piano bench to create a backing. I never would have thought of that. Great use of space!

  2. Love it. It must be so much fun to have all of the stuff you need to make arrangements on and like you do. I guess that's where it pays off go ahead and buy things when you're not sure what you're going to do with it because later you'll need it. I have to remember that. Thanks again for sharing Penny you're the best

  3. My herbs thrive outside--but not inside. I keep a few in pots, but I think they prefer the the ground. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  4. Penny,
    What a lovely vignette!! So pretty!! I always love how you are able to switch things around n your home from room to room....

  5.! Amazing the vintage grocery cart! You are unique...

  6. The Mint in the grocery cart is BRILLIANT! I have some old locker baskets I could repurpose this way. Thanks for the inspiration. Stopping by from the Pits Stop!

  7. Penny,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I hope you start to feel better!! It seems the Flu has made a come back here in NEPA too!! One of my co workers has been out of work for a week with a constant fever of 102!! They want to admit her so please take care!!! Joe and I went to another church flea market today and I bought a bunch of Holiday things...I need ore Holiday things like a hole in the head but I cold not resist the CHEAP prices!!! Will be doing a post on it soon...

  8. I love the way you just move things around to create a whole new look Penny, yet there's always that chic, signature touch of yours in all the displays and vignettes. I'm sorry the herbs weren't doing so well in that spot, maybe they weren't getting enough light

  9. I'm sorry the herbs didn't work inside near the kitchen. Hopefully they are enjoying their new home. Is the fence rail outside an old bed? It is darling. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  10. What a pretty little space you've created! I hope your herb garden does well this season now that it's in a different spot -- my basil had to move outdoors so it could thrive, too!

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Happy Pink Saturday, Penny. Thank you for joining us, and for always making Pink Saturday special.

    This looks great. You have so many pretty things in your home. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week a "the one with the most clicks".♥


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