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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Summer Three Tiered Stand

I finally got the last counter in the kitchen cleaned and created a fresh summer centerpiece to put on it.   

I found this three tiered metal stand at Hobby Lobby recently in the 75% off isle.      I had been eyeing it for a long time,   but it was out of my budget......until now!

I have a couple of smaller tiered stands,    but I've had a tough time finding things little enough to put in the compartments.

This stand has nice big compartments and I didn't have any trouble filling them up/

I made a mini banner to string across each side of the stand.

The compartments on my new stand are big enough to display some of my Desert Rose collection.

Now that I've shared the family room side of the stand,    let's walk around to the kitchen side and take a look..

From the kitchen side you can see thru the family room.......clear into the sun room.       I love the open floor plan of our home.

The top tier on the kitchen side of the stand is filled very much like the family room side.

I have clocks on both sides,   small floral designs on both sides,     but I have a rooster here and a baby calf on the other side.

I put a sweet mini butter dish in a compartment on the kitchen side of the stand since I recently added some aqua touches in the kitchen.

I have a couple of hand painted Patriotic signs on the counter in front of my stand.

I put Desert Rose dishes in a compartment on the kitchen side just like I did on the family room side.

I added a banner like the one on the family room side ...... and added more touches of aqua by having birds holding the ties to the banner.

This is a dangerous intersection when people from the kitchen......hallway.....and family room try to pass thru at the same!

The kitchen side.........

The family room side.......

Thanks for stopping by.......come back soon!


  1. Hi Penny! You have such a gift for putting things together. Your tray is lovely from every angle! Jane

  2. Penny,
    That is the perfect spot for that lovely 3 tiered tray!! I love how it has sections, making it easy to place items for display!! You have chosen so many charming pieces for this vignette!! Beautiful!!

  3. So very pretty. thank you for sharing this lovely work of art! From Blogger’s Pit Stop

  4. Tiered stands are so much fun. I really like how you styled yours. And the mini banners are so adorable.

  5. Everything looks so pretty

  6. What a fab find and gorgeous display. Featuring when my link party opens up tonight!

  7. Lovely tiered display! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. Just beautiful. I have a stand that I decorate, too, but I love that yours has compartments to keep everything in place.


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