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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cozy Fall Feel for the Family Room

I can't wait to show you guys the new slip covers I made for the sofa and love seat in the family room!

Being located in the family room,     the sofa and love seat get plenty of use everyday.   

 While I had the old slip covers off washing them,      I decided I would like a different look.        The old slip covers had a more tailored look and I was in the mood for a softer look for fall.......and ruffles fit the  bill.         

H and I had always slept in a king size bed until about 8 years ago when we switched to a queen.     So,    I've had ruffled king size dust ruffle folded  up in the the linen closet for a long time.      I decided to get it out......cut it apart .......and make slip covers for the sofa and love seat in the family room.

After I finished making the slip covers,    it was time to have some fun decorating for fall in the family room!      

I took two tobacco baskets and "stuffed "  each one with a rose!

Then I printed a fall picture to hang in each one......this one says A is for Autumn

F is for Fall........

I also printed a banner to hang across the mirror.........

You can find this printable here,,,,,,,,,

This is one of my favorite Farmhouse style banners........

You gotta have lots of pillows on the furniture.....right?     

In the center is a sheep pillow.............

I pinned a brooch on her for a little bling........

More bling on the pumpkin pillow.........

Pink and cream buffalo check pillows and two sweet pumpkin patch pillows.......

I wanted to share a little bit more of the family room.       I have a pink and cream buffalo check drape that covers the TV when it's not in use.      The big opening to the side of the TV  goes out to the sun room.       

We don't have curtains on the windows in the sun room,    so I have a curtain that look like barn doors to slide across the opening in the evening for privacy.      

Here is the view looking back across the family room from the sun room.     There's a dining area in the back ground and the doorway to the kitchen,       On the other side of the wall that the sofa sits on is the formal living and dining area. 

Here is my white recliner........H has one just like it on the other side of the room.     If you look close under the end table by my chair,    you can see the printer I use to make all the printables you see in my posts     

Thanks for stopping by.........I hope you enjoyed your visit!


  1. Penny, your ruffled slipcover is just amazing! ahhhh, and a white recliner! two!! so pretty and your Fall Monogrammed prints are gorgeous.

  2. It looks like a wonderful place to curl up with a good book!

  3. Ohhh...Your new slipcovers are just gorgeous

  4. What a lovely room - I saw your slip cover and smiled - we just had to replace our white living room furniture because it was white and we didn't think about how much time our little min pin spends on the furniture. LOL No more white for us! But, it looks lovely in your place!
    I'm crazy about that blingy pumpkin pillow!

  5. I love the sheep pillow with the "bling" on her head. She's adorable Penny

  6. Penny,
    LOVE the ruffled slipcover. It looks so inviting!! I really like the combination of the tobacco baskets with the wreaths!! Very pretty!!


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