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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fall Farmhouse Kitchen Tour

I can remember when orange was the only color pumpkin you could buy to decorate with.......then sometimes you could find a white there are so many pretty colors that it's hard not to come home with a whole trunk full! 

I was planning to decorate the kitchen for fall this week,    so as I was wandering thru the patch I was trying to figure what color and how many I would need.     I  decided that 3 pastel ones would work.   

Are you ready to take a tour around the kitchen?     Let's go!

As you come thru the door from the family room into the kitchen,    the first thing you see is a vintage ladder with fall dish towels displayed on it.

Next to the ladder is a counter that H custom built for the kitchen a few years ago.    I store a lot of the dishes that I use in my tablescapes on shelves under the counter......out of sight behind the curtain.     I have a vintage chicken feeder on each side of the big pumpkin hanging in the center of the counter.

Next to the counter is a vintage Hoosier.......then a big window that floods the kitchen with sun light.

And finally,     you will start seeing some pumpkins!

I dressed my pumpkins up a little bit after I got them home with some leaves and roses........

What's a Farmhouse style kitchen without a horse.......and of course some apples are a  must for my horse

Here;s a close up of the has swirls of pink......white......a pale aqua.......and a soft green......

Next is the sink and another section of counter.     
  I have my sink cover on since I'm taking pictures for a post.     I normally have it stored in a closet unless I need more counter space to serve on when we have company.     Also I'm sure you're wondering if I ever cook in this kitchen and the answer is yes......all the time.      I keep the island free of clutter and we use it for 99% of our   "food prep"    I also have the burner cover on the stove for the pictures.,   and it's normally in the closet with the sink cover.      H custom made both of the covers for me to provide extra counter space for entertaining.

Now for a tour of the next counter.......

Doesn't this cow have the sweetest face!

I've had my canvas cow and horse for several years but I think they are still available at ICanvas.

Here's my second pumpkin.     I love with all of it's scratches and imperfections!

A watercolor hen print and her chicks complete this section of the kitchen counter.

Before we go to the last counter........

Here's a better shot of the burner cover.      H made it with a picture frame that was just the right size. to cover all the burners.      Notice you can't turn the burners on when the cover is in place..... wouldn't want to start a fire!

Here's my third pumpkin and another cow print.

I added faux leaves and a grape cluster to the top of this pumpkin because the stem was small and not very pretty.

My retro microwave and coffee pot finish up this counter.

Double ovens.........plenty of storage......the refrigerator........and the maid!   
In case you're wondering,    we don't have a cleaning lady....H and I do it all ourselves.       I doubt that we could find anyone that would clean all this stuff for any amount of!

I have this sweet bicycle with a basket full of pumpkins and flowers on the refrigerator  (attached with 2 small magnets that peel and stick onto the back of the paper print)

A view of the backyard from the window over the sink........

And the view from the big picture window.    

And the view from the pass thru into the kitchen from the dining room side.

  I hope you enjoyed my fall Farmhouse kitchen tour......ya'll come back soon!


  1. I love the look of the kitchen for fall.The horse and cow canvas's are the best.Good job Penny! Where did you purchase the retro coffee pot and microwave.

  2. Looks beautiful Penny! Your home reminds me so much of my mom's house. She has passed away (12 yrs) but she loved pastels, lace and frills. Pink was her favorite color and her dining room was all done in pink, lace and cabbage roses. Thank you for giving me wonderful memories every time I see your posts. :-)

  3. Your fall decors are really amazing. I especially love the view from the window

  4. Your pumpkins are dressed up so well! They are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  5. Thanks for the tour of your fabulous kitchen, Penny! I love the pumpkins that you chose for your kitchen. There are so many clever ideas to see in there!

  6. Beautiful Penny....I love your romantic and beautiful kitchen. The pumpkins are perfect. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story and have a great weekend.

  7. I really did enjoy your kitchen tour, Penny! Your back yard is gorgeous too. I love how you have used pastels to decorate for fall - it's so effective! Thank you for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a great week ahead!

  8. Penny,
    Those pastel pumpkins are so pretty! I am always amazed at the size of your kitchen!! And so jealous of the amount of counter space you have!! LOL!! Beautiful and so inviting!


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