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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pretty in Pink Fall Cabinet

I lean more to the softer fall colors when I decorate my home for autumn.       I find  the softer colors calming and soothing,     more so than the vibrant  fall colors.          

I don't decorate inside the cabinets for seasons and holidays much,     but I do like to create several small vignettes along the ledge.

The lights are so bright in the cabinet that it's hard to photograph,   but without the lights you can't really see what's inside the cabinet.

My first vignette has my "go to" pink pick up in it.     

You last saw my pick up in a tablescape with the bed filled with small white velvet pumpkin.     I needed the small pumpkins for a tablescape that I'm working on,   so now I have the bed filled with a metal bucket full of flowers.

I have some handmade pumpkins sitting in pink milk glass bowls.   
 I loved the rose  fabric I used to make these pumpkins,  so  I made more than a dozen of  them a couple of years ago.    That's why you've seen them in several vignettes this fall.

I found these pink metal envelopes at Hobby Lobby recently and fell in love with them. 
    I attach stick on magnets to prints and then stick them on the envelope.      It's so much easier than framing prints and I can change out the print in a heart beat!

Moving on down the ledge.....

I have a white enamel scale weighing a pumpkin.....

And another one of my prints......

I don't have very many pink pieces of milk glass,     They are really hard to find!

On the floor at each end of the cabinet,      I have vintage ice cream freezers filled with pink flowers.     Hope you enjoyed my Pretty in Pink fall cabinet!

Til next time.......


  1. OMG! you always amaze with your each and every post..
    i'm loving it.. XOXO

  2. Love the pastels as well for autumn ~ such a refreshing change from the orange and brown decor of the past. You do such a beautiful job, Penny . .. Thank you for posting ! xo
    Blessings, maryanne

  3. Hi Penny! Your punk envelopes make super cute decor on your ledge and I adore your sweet pink tractor and truck! Did you find them in pink? I always enjoy your posts - you always have a surprise and amazing, clever ideas. Jane

  4. hey Penny,
    wat een fantastish huis heb jij wowowowowoww!!!!
    Dat zou ik echt wel eens willen bewonderen hoe mooi zeg,ik hoop nog zoveel moois van jou te zien,
    mvg gina Belgium

  5. You are always so inventive and You always amaze me

  6. Good morning, Oh, you made my day again. I love the pick pickup and tractor. I love farm equipment and as a child I had a set of John Deere or one them I played with. Where do ever come up with such unique and beautiful things. I love your big display cabinet.
    I am glad you have a hubby that enjoys your things too. I love the pink milk glass. My sister, Bonnie and you would have a wrestling match if you were there at the same time you found this shade of pink on some cute item. She has a pink velvet little chair that is so cozy for her. Keep up your wonder work. The fabric pumpkins are darling. Thanks for making my day get off to a great start.

  7. Penny,
    I love how this area in your home looks no matter how you decorate it!! I nave to admit that I have never seen pink milk glass... Beautiful!! And I LOVE those pink envelopes!!

  8. The pink pickup is a cutie. Did you paint it? I bought a red one at Hobby Lobby and I'm thinking about spray painting green or white. The tractor is a cutie too. The scarecrow card is darling.


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