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Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen Tour

I'm  excited to be sharing  my 2018 Christmas kitchen tour with you today

The kitchen counters have vignettes scattered across them and as always,    the island is free of clutter and ready for cooking.   
We all gather around the island and do the food prep as a family.     H & I  take care of the turkey,  dressing,  and mashed potato's.......Our daughter and sil are in charge of the green bean casserole,   candied yams,   and  deviled eggs.......the grand kids all pitch in by assembling  the relish tray   setting the dessert  table,   drinks,    and  lots of other odds and ends.    

I'll start the tour of the kitchen on this side........

I shared a post a few days ago with all the details on the kitchen Christmas's a link to that post if you missed it

What you didn't  see in the earlier kitchen Christmas tree post is the snow that fell last night.     It's our first snow of the season!

Let's get this tour started!

Here's the first vignette   

 The brown cow with the boots is a staple in the kitchen year round,.    I put a lot of decor up to set out my Christmas   but not her!

I staged the kitchen for my post,   so I have the sink cover on for the photo's.     It is tucked away most of the time,   but I do get it out when I have a party and need more counter space to serve a buffet on.   

Here is the second vignette........

I have a wreath hung above the second vignette     

 The bottle brush wreath is hung on a white tobacco basket and has a Christmas rooster print in  the center of it.

Moooo...ving on down the!.   

  I have a metal tree and a chicken wire cloche with a white chick in it.

I have separated the chicken feeder that you've seen in the kitchen several times.      I put a piece of it on each side of the stove.      I love to print off sweet farmhouse pic's and use stick on magnets to attach them to metal pieces that are scattered around.

I also put on the burner cover that H made for me.     Like the sink cover,   it is usually tucked away except for photo's or is needed for  extra serving space.  

The hood vent is all decked out for Christmas.......

The burner cover has a floral design on it that will move to another part of the kitchen when I put the burner cover away.     I  filled my white enamel vases with a trio of ready made Christmas bouquets that I found at Michael's.   

On this side of the stove,   I have  the other half of the chicken feeder with a sweet pig on it.

The last vignette is on the coffee counter.       

The cows have all come home for Christmas!

The wreath above this vignette is just like the one you saw on the other side of the kitchen,   except that it has a sweet sheep picture in the center of it.

I've only  shared 3 of the 4 walls in the kitchen decorated for Christmas in this post.    

I'll be back another day to share the Christmas decor on the final wall  in the kitchen  and also the little nook beside the refrigerator..

Til next time........


  1. I didn't think you got snow - how lovely! Everything looks darling!

  2. I really like that you included the animal pics, they are so sweet.Things are looking pretty thanks Penny.

  3. Love it all, looking forward to your next Chrismas prep post!

  4. Penny, if you get any more cleaver with all your decorations I don't know what I am going to do!!!!!!!!! You are so terrific with new ideas. I love everything about this kitchen; if my kitchen were like this I don't think I would use any other room in my house.
    Thanks for having my favorite sweet cow with her boots. She's ready for that snow you just received. We just received our second snow of the season. I love to look at the snow, but don't like to get out on the ice and in the bitter cold.
    Keep up that lovely work. Tell Mr H he does good work. You are blessed to have such a helpful loving husband. You two must have lots of fun together. My brother-in-law was like that when he was alive always helping someone.
    I never thought I would like any colors other than red and green for Christmas, but your pink and white is so sweet and beautiful.
    Thanks a million for making my day start with a happy reflection.

  5. Penny,
    Your truly have incorporated your love of pink and white with Farmhouse decor for Christmas!! It looks lovely!!I can't beleive that you had snow before us here in NEPA!!!! BUT we might get 6 inches by Friday afternoon! We went from Summer right into Winter! I have no idea when I am going to get the front of the house decorated for Christmas...

  6. How beautiful!! My husband is working in New York and is loving the snow there. Here in England it still feels warm but there is still time to get into the Christmas spirit. Thank you for the inspiration. Your kitchen is lovely xx Maria

  7. I write from rural Greece where we live as American expats. One of the things we gave up was a big kitchen with lots of counterspace - in fact, little display space is built into these functional stone homes here. So it was a joy to tour your beautifully decorated kitchen.

  8. What a festive kitchen! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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