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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Here Comes Santa Claus

For years I have collected  Santa's.......big Santa's ......little Santa's.......Santa heads.......I never saw a Santa that I didn't love!     I try to display a few of them each year,   but this year I decided that I would display a LOT of them!

I decorated the kitchen Christmas tree with Santa heads and decided to make a Santa wonderland on the pass thru between the kitchen and the family living/dining area. 

  This is the kitchen side of the pass thru......

This is the family living/dining room side of the pass thru.

I can't decide which Santa has the sweetest face......

I also can't decide which color of  Santa suit I like the    white?    red?    burgundy?  

This Santa came from a yard sale years ago.     I was drawn to his beard.....loved all the different textures.

This is the tallest Santa of this group.......

I love this Santa's ringlet beard......

Here's the next group of Santa's.....

It doesn't show very well in the photo,   but this Santa has a jester collar......

I LOVE this Santa's face and blue eyes.     If I had to choose he might just be my favorite.

I always try to add a touch of whimsy to all of my vignettes.     This one got a sled being pulled by a Texas long!

I  hadn't ever seen a Santa with such long pretty eyelashes.......that's what drew me to hiim.

Have you selected a favorite  Santa yet?

Let's pop over to the other side of the pass thru and take a look at those Santa's 

Santa on ski's........

I love mixing my go to colors of pink and white,    with a pop of red!

I made the vintage ornament Christmas tree you see in the center of the Santa heads several years ago.     Glass ornament Christmas decor is very fragile and I've had to repair  my tree's several times over the years.    

I have my woodland Santa standing at the door to the kitchen to greet you......

I have almost finished decorating the kitchen for Christmas.    The only thing I need to do is decorate the tree you can see peeking into the photo on the right side!

We had a light snow here in Eastern New Mexico Sunday night,   but the sun is out today and most of it has melted. 

Til next time.....


  1. Penny,
    You know I am a Collector of Santa's too so you must also know that I just LOVE this display!!!! And I also adore that you incorporated all Santa's no matter what color they were!! It looks lovely and I adore it!! I am behind in my decorating of the downstairs and with Thanksgiving being so early, I feel like I am really behind. I have the Dining Room except for the Tree and that is it! I hope to have the Living Room and the Dining Room done by Thanksgiving. But work just gets in the way.... However, my unit at work is closing and being made acute Med Surg so my work future is up in the air...

  2. Oh Penny, I can't believe you keep coming up with more unusual thing. I love the Santa with the ringlet beard and such a kind face, but really I love them all, what personalities in a mannequin. My real favorite is the long horned steer pulling the sleigh. I am a pushover for animals. Love, love all your hard work.
    Deb, hang in there. The medical field just keeps changing and cutting corners like all other "Businesses". One of our salesmen got laid off after 22 years with the company.
    Penny, thanks for having beautiful fun things we can enjoy instead of the worries of the world.

  3. I think I like the Santa head with the jester collar, sweet face!!
    Thank you for sharing on #omhgff this week!
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Be blessed!

  4. So many santas! Great idea to group them all together and show them off. Pinned.

  5. I cannot pick a favorite. They are all so pretty! Looks wonderful Penny!

  6. Thanks for sharing your fun Santa collection at Vintage Charm!


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