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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Simple Christmas Tree

I have a little corner in the kitchen beside the refrigerator that I wanted to give a simple touch of Christmas.      This little  corner  isn't flooded with light like the rest of the kitchen is,    so I wanted  my touch of Christmas to have a light element in it too.

You might wonder why even bother to decorate this corner.   
 Well,   it  is  at the four corners in our home that needs a traffic light.     I can't count how many times I am at this intersection every day......going to the kitchen......down the hall to the bedrooms,  bath,  or utility the entry to answer the front door......and back again tot the family room or sun

I have my simple tree planted in a mail box......isn't  that the biggest mail box you're ever seen or what!!!!

I didn't put any ornaments on my tree to keep it  simple.

I have a rag star as the tree topper.     I made this star a couple of years ago using what was left of a favorite blanket and the lone ear ring that belonged to my mother back in the 50's.     The mate to it was lost many years ago.

I have a sweet Christmas pig peeking out from behind the mailbox.

My Christmas tree is surrounded by the wall decor that has been in the kitchen for several years now.

I used a string of fairy lights on my tree.    I like the fact that the cords are almost invisible.

You've seen the white enamel Farm letters before,    they are a staple in my kitchen decor.

I "planted"   3 tree's in cute containers out in front of the greenhouse in the backyard on a gorgeous day in late October.     I still have two more to share with you later. 

Til next time.......


  1. Good morning Penny,
    That is the biggest mailbox on earth, how funny. I love the tree you planted in the mailbox, nice and simple. Your little Miss Piggy peaking out is so darling. I noticed the three teacups with the pearls. They are very attractive too. What a cute little corner. You must smile every time you enter your kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Well, the sun is out in Colorful Colorado land. The temperature isn't very warm. We are supposed to get another snow storm Saturday. We always need the moisture.
    I am hoping to find some of my Christmas decorations this weekend. I have to watch what I put out as my "Mr Cat" like to bat things around and pull things down.
    He doesn't like my going to work most mornings. Yesterday he wrapped his paws around my leg and hung on like a kid. He makes me laugh most of the time.
    Have a great day. Keep up the great work. I am waiting for the barn to get decorated.
    It's like Christmas morning when I open your email.
    Thanks again.

  2. hi Penny,
    OMG may i please spend a few houwers in jour amazing house to wath at al jour beautiful creations!!
    mvg gina Belgium

  3. Stuck inside with horrible winter weather. Was without power and heat today until shortly after one. Hope others are as lucky to have it back on.
    Love the little Christmas corner and a tree with just lights is my taste. Is the wreath with the black and white bow your craftiness? If so could you please share where I could possibly find instructions.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love the simple Christmas tree and REALLY love your top photo with all the little trees and Santas!

  6. Just Lovely! Thanks for showing us.. I LOVE the tree topper! Have a good weekend. Leticia

  7. Ahh, the sweet little pig takes my heart and vote as a fav pic in this post. I also have a little pig that sits on my kitchen floor in my tiny 570' vintage farmhouse. Many holiday blessings. Your home is decorated so sweetly.

  8. Lovely! I just love that the base is a mailbox too; so clever. Pinned.

  9. Oh my goodness I love your tree and your decor in your home ! Actually your decor would go perfect in my home!!

  10. It looks so pretty the tree in your kitchen. That mailbox is amazing. Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J

  11. Penny,
    Once again, I am playing catch up.....Love this pretty Tree and I adore how it looks in your Kitchen!! So sweet!!


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