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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Faux Greenery/ Where I store it and how I decorate with It

I don't have much of a green thumb,   so I am forced to rely on faux greenery.        I am always on the look out for realistic looking faux greenery and pick it up when ever I can.     Sometimes  I spot it  at  Hobby Lobby or Michaels,   but I also have found lots of pretty greenery at yard sales.

When not in use,    I keep my extra greenery in an old school locker out in the studio.

I try to keep the ferns,  ivy,  etc together,   but if I can't ......that's alright!

A vintage trunk sits below my faux greenery and holds floral garlands and swags when they're not in the house in use.

When I make a wreath,    I normally take it apart after I;m done with it and put the greenery back in the locker.     It is so hard to store wreaths and I enjoy making them fresh each time I need one.

I use greenery in my centerpieces.........

I decorated a vintage wicker settee with faux greenery one year to set on the front porch.......

Here's a chicken feeder that I filled with faux greenery  one year to make a centerpiece for the farm table on the front porch.

I used lots of faux greenery in my fairy gardens.......

I filled this china cabinet with geraniums and faux ferns a few years ago.

This is my most recent use of faux greenery.      So,  as you can see,    I use it all the time!.

In the corner of the studio where I store my faux greenery,     I have a couple of my grandmothers quilts displayed.     

Across from the greenery locker is a white cabinet  that I store lace and trims in.     You can see a couple of bunnies in the mirror next to the cabinet.

This bunnies are in the side of the studio where I store all the Easter decor that I decorate with in the spring.

Next to the lockers is a cabinet that I store my fairy garden stuff when not in use and behind the closed doors at the bottom of the cabinet is my stash of moss.     I use the moss to cover the styro in my centerpieces.

Here's a closer look at my fairy garden supplies.

In the left corner of the photo,    you get a peek at my faux floral tree that's in the studio.      I use a big Christmas tree to poke my faux  florals in. for storage.       The tree makes it easy to pick out what I need when I'm making a floral design.

The locker that you see up against the back of the greenery locker is where I store my Valentine decor

I enjoyed your visit so much,    please come back soon.....okay?


  1. Penny,
    I envy all your storage!! You are definitely in Spring mode!! We have had warm temps. here but in NEPA, Winter is far from over as we just had 6 inches of snow melt with the warm temps....Love all your greenery and all the inspiration on what to do with it....

  2. You have some amazing storage, and very decorative in and of itself! Would love to have a studio myself! ;-) Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, Penny!

  3. Penny, I am always amazed at how many ideas you come up with even for storage. I love the idea of old school lockers. I wished I had thought of that as I just missed an opportunity of bunches of lockers as a store was getting rid of employee lockers. Now I will keep my eyes peeled for them. I do love your greenery as you have a good eye for the real looking greenery. I don't like the plastic fake stuff. I do have a lot of real plants, but can't have them where my cat can eat them. I have a cat that tries out everything. He didn't like this little tree with the shiny discs all over it. Well, he jumped upon the furniture and sat next to the tree, pulled them off then dropped them on the floor. So your faux plants are great idea for people with animals.
    I love your studio where you can organize your ideas. Thank Mr. H for his incredible support.

  4. I loved looking at your fantastic storage; then you said you used a Christmas tree to store you florals on. Be still my foolish heart! I want one! I have a longtime friend who gave me a 4 sided (4 panels) styrofoam block that I have stuck picks in; I jokingly told her I would never forgive her for giving it to me as it is FULL and has become a nuisance (She laughed because that's why she passed it on!)! As I have not followed you long enough, I need to find more of your fairy garden blogs; I am a miniature fan.

  5. Oh my gosh - love your studio and all the wonderful things you do with your faux greenery! Beautiful! x Karen

  6. Love it all and am newly subscribed to your blog. I love the Fairy Grandma's. Do you sell them or where can they be purchased? I would also like to have a studio like yours. It's so bright and happy.

  7. OOOOOO this is my favorite post yet. The pictures are fabulous. SPRING

  8. I love floral and greens. I have been storing them in bushel baskets and I move them around but I see I need to store them vertically. I am inspired! Happy Valentine's Day, Kippi #kippiathome

  9. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. as always I enjoyed my visit and learned a bit as well. I love hearing your tips and tricks and seeing what new projects you have to share
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