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Monday, February 4, 2019

My 10 Best Fairy Gardens

Over the years,     I have had so much fun creating fairy gardens

I've designed fairy gardens indoors and outdoors..........

Today,,    I created one in a cabinet I have in the studio.

My grandma fairies are probably my favorites........

Each grandma has the sweetest face.......

And of course,   they have their grandchildren near by........

Doesn't  this ones face bring a smile to your face!

Here's a fairy garden I made on the buffet in the sun room........

This fairy garden was on the front porch.      

Another one in the sun room,   but this time in the aroire.

My fairy garden on the mantel.......

Spring fairy garden..............................................Fall fairy garden

This is a small fairy garden I made in a cement bunny planter.

A fairy garden made in a pink  enamel tub

I created this garden in the greenhouse using a vintage sink on a sewing machine stand.

H and I are still cleaning in the studio and have taken another load to the auction.

I have finished organizing all the greenery I keep on hand to use in my floral designs,    so I'll be back soon to share more progress in the studio.   

  I enjoy each and every visit and hope you will stop back by soon!


  1. I have never seen grandma fairies, they are just lovely.

  2. There is just something about a fairy garden that you just can't stop yourself from feeling happy. They are all adorable.

  3. Your fairy gardens are just so sweet!! All just adorable.

  4. Penny, Thank you for sharing your fairy gardens. They are like in CS Lewis book when the kids went through the back of the wardrobe. It is opening a new happy place to go and play as an adult. Creating fun things like fairy gardens with the beautiful grandmother fairies must be fun. I have never seen grandmother fairies. I will be on the lookout for one. I think I will create a little fairy garden for work. All the people I work with love my plants and always look forward to new things so this will be my new thing for Spring. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Penny,
    OMG!!! I LOVED seeing all these wonderful photos of the Fairy Gardens you created!! They truly brightened my day!! Kudos to you for cleaning out so much!! I am trying to do the same....

  6. You certainly do have lots of fun....and gosh, clearing so much I can understand. I have to clear the upper floor of the garage this year. Ugh...hope you get great prices so you can find more goodies to share!

  7. Oh the grandma fairies are precious! So much fun! I found you through the Celebrate Your Story Link party!

  8. I love how you incorporated fairy gardens throughout your house. I just purchased one for my daughters for Christmas and can't wait to put it together this spring and watch the little flowers grow around it. Thanks for linking up with us at #OMHGWW and hope to see you next week.

  9. And I just said I wanted to see more of your fairy gardens! I hadn't looked ahead. I love make believe. As my arthritis has worsened over the years, 2 years ago, I made a small tree house for my yard sale fairies and they alight in it being suspended by fish line. They live in the rose bush next to my front door! No bending to appreciate them! Are the grandma fairies Boyd's Bears? I collect the Yesterday's Child ones-they are about dollhouse sized!

  10. Since I live in South Texas only thing I can keep alive are succulents and cactus! I make fairy gardens around them. Was wondering what you use for fairy lights indoors? They're really cute!

  11. I have always loved fairy gardens and yours are amazing! I used to decorate dollhouses and I think that's how I came to appreciate the work involved in creating fairy gardens. There is an island here, off the coast of Maine near Portland called Mackworth Island, that is home to hundreds of fairy gardens. Little girls (and I suspect some big girls!) make them all over the island and people take walks along the shore to discover them. I just can't get over the detail on your gardens. I love the one in the pink washtub! Thank you so much for sharing them in this post! Cheryl

  12. Penny,

    I love the grandma fairy garden!!! sooo sweet.

    I'm featuring you next week on Talk of the Town. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!



  13. so cute. They are absolutely creative and I got a kick out of looking at each photo. Thank you for sharing.

  14. I keep thinking how my grandchildren would LOVE looking at these and imagining all kinds of stories! Thank you for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, Penny!

  15. Each one is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  16. Oh my Oh My Penny, I have never seen Grandmother fairies, anywhere. How wonderful to be in the presence of so many faerie gardens. Their wonderful!!! be sure to share on #omhgww this week!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  17. Your 10 Best Fairy Gardens have brought back lovely memories of days gone by, Penny! When I was little I was always looking for fairies! All your gardens are so pretty, it's hard to choose a favourite. Thank you for the spring inspiration, and for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I’m featuring this post at the party this week. Hope to ‘see’ you there! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  18. Lovely fantasy with fairy gardens and yours are wonderful!!! Happy Valentine's Day, Kippi #kippiathome

  19. How utterly charming are each and every one of your fairy gardens! I hope to make a few with my granddaughters this summer. I love your grandmother themed ones.

  20. loved the fairy garden and those cute little figurines there. Thanks for joining Bloggers Pit Stop - Pit Stop Crew

  21. Penny, what amazing and creative fairy gardens. I just love all things fairy. I have just spent 5 months crafting a fairy house and a modern fairy tale to go along with it. Your gardens are so beautiful and inspiring.
    We will feature your post on the next Blogger's Pit Stop. Well done.

  22. Hi Penny! Love all your fairy gardens. Pinned a bunch to my Pinterest boards for you. <3
    Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby,
    Barb :)

  23. Penny,
    You are so welcome for the feature at You're The Star. Those fairy gardens are adorable.
    Have a great day.

  24. This beautiful post is a GARDEN feature on the March You're the STAR blog hop:


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