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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lavender Farm & a French Farmhouse Goose

Welcome to Lavender Farm

I am welcoming spring in with a Lavender Farm that I created in the entry........

The star of Lavender Farm is a French Farmhouse Goose.with......of course......a lavender and rose wreath in her mouth!        

The Lavender Fields Fresh Flower Market  is located in a big metal barn at Lavender Farm........

A goat petting zoo is one of the attractions at Lavender Farm.......

Bundles of lavender are brought to the barn to hang on the rafters to dry........

Trucks take fresh lavender to the local Farmers Market to sell.

The gift shop at Lavender Farms has fresh lavender wreaths for sale........

Goose figurines.......

A small out building located on the farm sells handmade soap........

Lavender Farms also raises goats for all the milk needed to make the soap.......

Lavender Farm also has ......what else.......but a lavender pick up!

I made a garland to hang across the front of my Lavender Farm vignette.......

Keeping with the Lavender Farm & French Farmhouse Goose theme.......

My garland........

Has geese with lavender wreaths around their neck.......

Pink roses and lots of lavender on it.

I hope you  enjoyed my story and your visit to Lavender Farms .........

I enjoyed your visit.........Come back soon!


  1. Very Pretty and creative Penny. Enjoyed it.......

  2. You are so creative as usual. Your decors are very pretty and delicate

  3. Love this! And the geese are sooooo pretty!

  4. Just Beautiful you are so creative .Such a joy to see all your fabulous talents .Thanks so much for sharing , You are the hi lite of my day seeing all of your posts .:)

  5. This is such a charming display for your entry. I always look forward to reading about how you decorate various areas of your home and garden. I love all that you create, but Lavender Farm is my favorite!!!

  6. That is really cute! For nearly ten years my husband and I had our real "Lavender Hill Herb Farm" with goats, geese and more in the 1980's!

  7. The lavender wreath is fabulous. Great decor ideas, thank you Penny!

  8. I just love everything about this! Especially all the little goats and geese. So special!

  9. Love you Lavender farm! Everything look so wonderful and I am crazy over your sign!

  10. Very creative and cute, Penny! I'm curious about how you got the idea to put together this little farm. Did it just occur to you all of a piece or a bit at a time? I always wonder how an idea like this evolves and what the process to realization is like for the person putting it together. Did you have to search long for all the various pieces the vignette includes?

    Don't stress if you don't have time to answer all my questions!

    Thanks for sharing all your creativity with all of us!

  11. Penny, Even your big toe must be creative!!! Thank you for all the beautiful, fun and lovely creations. I can almost smell the lavender. I do love goat milk soaps too. You have so much talent and I am very thankful you are sharing this with all of us. You just gave me an idea on how to use all the geese statues I have collected. I have every color red, yellow, pink, white etc. I can't remember the artist who made geese so popular in the 1970's or 80's.
    Thanks again.

  12. Your garlands is lovely! Along with so many other elements!

  13. So fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. Love the Lavender Farm sign.....What a creative and imaginative vignette... So Spring like......

  15. Absolutely beautiful. Lovely use of patterns, prints and colors. I thoroughly enjoyed my "virtual" visit. Many blessings to you -Joy


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