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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Easter Mantel

I opened the front door for you and have been hoping that you would stop by........come on in!

I have the Easter mantel I created in the dining room to share with you today......

   A few days ago I shared Peter Cottontail's Farm in the display cabinet,     then I shared  a Cottontail Farm Easter egg hunt on the table,   and then I shared the buffet with  photo's of Peter's family.    Can you tell what my theme kinds!   

What with Peter being a rabbit and all,     he has a very,  very,  large family.     The Easter mantel showcases some of the more affluent rabbits in his family......

These family members are very!

I made this banner last spring and used it in my spring decorating.    I decided to use it for Easter even though it spells out spring.

I've made lots of banners,   and this is one of my favorites.

Next to the faux fireplace is a china cabinet that I have been storing for my daughter for more than 8 years......I don't think she's coming back for!       If she doesn't hurry up,   one day some white paint may "spill" on it!

I hung my "go to" wreath that you've seen me use over and over again on the china cabinet..    It's one of my favorites.

In front of the cabinet is a Victorian couch that I have struggled with what to do with it for several years now.     I doesn't really fit in with my decor anymore,   plus I don't have a place to put it.      I'm sure you'll agree that in front of the cabinet is not a good!

Anyway,  for now,    it holds two pretty spring pillows

And a sweet bunny......

I love the ribbon work on these pillows

The only thing left to do before Easter is decide how to set the table for Easter dinner.      I will "audition"  several tablescapes before I make the final decision.

I always enjoy your visits,   please stop by again soon!


  1. How fun. This is so pretty. :)

  2. Eve
    Everything is so nice. The bunny on the sofa is so sweet!!! Hugs

  3. Very nice. The ribbonwork on that pillow is so pretty.

  4. Everything is so pretty! I love the buffalo check!

  5. Is the largest bunny picture on the mantel available anywhere?

    1. Those are all prints that I found and Pinterest and printed them out on my home printer. xoxo

  6. Good morning Penny, Happy Friday. We are getting rain up here in Colorado. It is Spring so we need the moisture. I do love your bunnies. I think I would stub my toe and spill the white paint on the china cabinet and keep it. The Victorian couch would look great in your bedroom or a spare bedroom with the bride bunny and pillow. Oh, bunnies, chicks and lambs are so sweet this time of the year. Do you have a lamb collection; maybe next year. I do love the bunnies year round.
    Wonderful fun visiting your house, thanks again for the tea and treats.

    1. Hi Leona, I do have a lamb collection and will yet get it out closer to Easter. I always enjoy your visits.....hugs...

  7. Hi Penny...i have been following your Easter decor makeover...loving me some bunnies and Springs baby everything. I love the cover on your Victorian Sofa. I have one very similar. Actually it adds to your farmhouse look. I have a small room that i use as MY theatre. My hubby and I like different tv programs so I use my Victorian sofa and a cushy recliner in that room for tv movie viewing by me. It's a thought if you have a too small to be anything important room.
    Love your decor ... looking forward to the tablescape auditions!
    Blessings, Stefeni

  8. That's so cute! You have so much energy and creativity!

  9. Love all the decorations. Especially like those pillows with the ribbon.....very cute.

  10. Penny,
    Love the Buffalo check with the Victorian sofa....For some reason each one brings the other one out!! I am sure you can find a use for this sofa in another room????It is so pretty!!


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