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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Junk Yard Fence Repairs & a Trip to the Garden Center

We had some wild winds here in the Southwest this past winter,    and they caused some real damage in the yard.

The fence that we use to hide the junk yard in the corner of the back yard was one of the casualties......

You can see in the first photo how unsightly this corner was before H made a fence to conceal what a hot mess it was.    

The new fence................

Before ............................................................After

The vintage window screens that made the pitch roof were destroyed....... 

After H made all the needed repairs,    it was my turn to create a new look for this corner of the yard.

I turned galvanized tubs upside down and then stacked them to create  a place to display my plants.......

I didn't have any plants to display though,    so I had to make a road trip to the garden center.

I found so many gorgeous spring plants at the garden center,   it was hard to decide which ones to bring home...... that I have the plants in place,   I can move on to another area.

I've had this pair of deconstructed wing back chairs for several years.     They've found homes each summer in different parts of the yard,    this summer they will be  used as plant stands to hold my Boston fern baskets.

H put up a couple of porch posts up for me.     I can put plant baskets on them  or   display a sweet birdhouse that H made from a non working clock.

I enjoy your visits so much,    please come back soon!


  1. AW, I know the damage was a pain for everyone this year----we had carts full of branches all over the yard. This looks great, and your flowers will be even more gorgeous once they get going---love using the extra tubs as structure---saves on dirt. LOL. Fun post!

  2. Your galvanized pots are a real inspiration. By the way, did you pick up a FEW plants....or the whole nursery???? It's looks just gorgeous, in any case. Nice ideas.

  3. Love the whole screen idea, may just try it to screen out back neighbor. The plants look so pretty :)

  4. You always inspire me a lot... Beautiful!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm hoping one day I can figure out something to pretty up around our koi pond! The fence behind it doesn't exactly scream what I want it to scream! Also, thank you for linking up at OMHGWW! Best thing about co-hosting is finding so many great sites! Can't wait to see what else you link up!

  6. After another inch of snow last night, our snow finally melted except for plowed bankings--showing me flower pots that didn't get away last fall, etc. Your yard is a breath of spring--thank you!

  7. Your collection of galvanized tubs is amazing. They make a fabulous display for your cute plants and accessories. Adorable. Cute corner.

  8. Your plants on the tubs is such a smart idea! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

  9. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. Penny!!
    This took my breath away, my friend!!! I am in awe of the whole display but I really love the "galvanized garden" to the right!! OMG!! It looks so charming!! I will be trying to get the back patio and yard all cleaned up this week before my surgery but I have no idea when I will be able to plant my annuals in my pots this year.....


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