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Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Wall Decor & a tour of the Sun Room

Welcome to the sun room.....

First I want to share the new wall decor,   then we'll have a look around

The sun room was formerly a covered patio.     H installed 6 sets of French doors to enclose it and make a wonderful year round sun room.   
   As you can see in the "during pic"    the wall that H was working on today is very unsightly      It  has all the controls for the back yard in ground sprinkler system     We don't want to move the controls,   so I choose to cover them up in one way or another.     In the Before pic,   you can see that I had a sheep tapestry over them.   

You can't see it very well in the photo's,   but there is a narrow walkway between the wall and the chairs.  The walkway  will allow us to go behind the chairs and just reach under  the screen on the left side and program the sprinkler system.     The sprinklers seldom need programming,   so it's not going to be a big deal. 

I bought my screen a couple of years ago at Lowe's and have had it on the front porch until recently.      H was making some changes on the front porch and we decided to take the screen down to give the porch a new look.

I love the new look in the sun room and can't wait to share the new look on the front porch with you guys.

Now for the tour of the sun room that I promised

I have a bumble bee theme in the sun room.......

Here's a small bee pillow and a bee throw.......

Looks like I cut it off the top of the photo,   but there's a bee picture over the doors to the back deck......

I have a ceramic bee hive  cloche on this side of the coffee table.....

In the center of the coffee table I have two baskets of pink geraniums with brass farmhouse plant stakes scattered around.....

On the other side of the coffee table,   I have a metal bumble bee.......

Next to my bumble bee,   I have a vintage Avon bee hive.

I have already bought several plant baskets for the yard,   but it's still cool at night here so I can't leave them out all the time.

I've been rotating the plant baskets between the sun room and the yard during the day and setting them in the sun room in the late evening.       If I get anymore though,    they will need to go to the Greenhouse /  She Shed's getting crowded in here!

I enjoyed your visit so much,    please come back soon!


  1. It's such a beautiful sunroom! I can imagine spending an afternoon there enjoying the sunshine with a good book & a glass of lemonade. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Amazing screen!!! I've never seen one like yours

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Where did you get that bee throw??

    1. It's one of my yard sale finds......some of my favorite stuff came from a yard!

  4. Penny,
    What a wonderful idea to use the screen to cover the brick wall. I do love it. It makes the room look larger. I love bees too. Those little miracles work so hard to give us so much just like you.

  5. Some wonderful areas to relax in, I can just see it filled with your large family and friends on weekends. I love when the outdoors is brought in--with that great backdrop!

  6. Beautiful spaces! I love several of your pieces and wish they were in my home!!

  7. I would LOVE to have a sunroom someday! Great inspiration, Penny! Thanks for sharing on Homestyle Gathering!

  8. Penny that is such a beautiful way to hide your mess. Very smart and such a beautiful piece of art too!

  9. Penny,
    Your sun room has always been one of my favorite rooms in your home but you have really outdone yourself with this update!!! Love the screen with the beautiful scene behind the chairs!! I also adore all your floral and checked prints and pops of color through out the room!! And having those doors open to the porch is to die for!!


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