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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Peter Rabbit's Cottontail Farm

I enjoyed creating Peter Rabbit's Cottontail Farm so much!       

I had so many idea's running thru my head on how I would design his farm that I had to use the big cabinet in the dining room to make a place for my vision.

The first shelf of his farm that I want to share with you has lots of fun Easter decor on it.      

Peter Rabbit plants McGregor's seed on the farm.     (I found theses fun seed packets on Pinterest.)   

  I  have spring pea's displayed in a ceramic radish dish. 

Here's Peter Rabbit in person! 

   My floral design is made using a vintage stamp holder that I painted pink.     I found the glass vases one year at Roundtop  and bought them not knowing if they would fit my holder or not.    I had to spread out the clamps out  a little to make them!

This cabinet normally holds my collection of Desert Rose dishes.     I put most of them away til after Easter,   but left a few out  to use on "the farm"

I've collected asparagus for quite a while so you will see them throughout Cottontail Farm

I hung a fabric carrot garland across the top  of the shelf and here you see another seed packet

Are you ready to see the next part of the farm?

The cloth carrots I made are displayed in green depression glass

Pea's and cauliflower are some of the other veggies that are grown at Cottontail Farm

I will use this asparagus platter when I serve Easter dinner well as some of the other pieces in the cabinet.

Are you ready to see the next shelf? we go!

This shelf has the asparagus cookie jar on it that matches the tea pot you saw on the first shelf.       Peter Rabbit has a petting zoo and carrot patch on the Cottontail Farm.

The Cottontail Farms sign and a set of asparagus s & p shakers.     Who's that peeking out from behind the sign?

You have to be a rabbit to live on the farm.......Peter hasn't realized this is a chicken!

Now we'll take a look at the bottom shelf......

I kept the shelf above it with a light hand.......and that's hard for me to do!     I wanted to be able to see the cabbage patch that I created for the bottom shelf thru the shelf above it.

If you're thinking that you've see the cabbage patch before,     you are right!      I had it on the family room dining table for a while,   but moved it to Cottontail Farm when I decided to put a fresh flower bouquet on the table.       (I'll share that change with you another time.)

I wonder if Peter will ever realize she is a chicken.....not a rabbit!

I think this piece of faux celery looks so real.......found it at a yard sale

The faux onions look pretty real too!

I hope to share the Easter mantel with you soon and also how I plan to have the table set for Easter dinner.

    I enjoyed your visit so much......come back soon!


  1. I be you never stop dreaming up new ideas, do you? I am betting you wake up thinking what wonderful things you are going to accomplish each day. I love how much you love decorating your home. Peter Rabbit is one of my very favorites!!!! xo Diana

  2. This garden is dreamy.I just loved visiting your farm!

  3. I'm sitting here chuckling... so darn cute and what ingenuity! I love bunnies and I love Peter. Your first line that you enjoyed making this so much. I believe it and it shows. Just adorable and so creative.

  4. What a darling presentation. I just love your carrots, and oh my how creative to use a fabric other than a typical orange of sorts. I'm inspired! Love Raquelxxx

  5. So cute - I love how you stay true to your theme throughout! So talented! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a cute garden! You have so many lovely pieces displayed, a fest for the eyes!

  7. Your farm is such lovely.I like very much your romantic carrots. I love Peter Rabbit's tale

  8. Oh my! You've given me so many great ideas. We just watched the movie Miss Potter and I want to do something for Spring that's special! Your displays are special!!! Happy Spring!

  9. Penny,
    You keep just surprising me with your out of the box ideas. You are a genus at decorating. I do love all your ideas. I love the chick who tries to be a rabbit.
    You must be like a kid at the beach designing sand castles.
    Thanks for sharing again.

  10. I'm a sucker for bunnies, and I think you are too---love the vegetable garden touches and it so definitely Spring! Sandi

  11. I can always rely on you for a beautiful dose of whimsy Penny. Love your Peter Rabbit's cottontail farm for Easter.
    Thank you for linking it up at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring this post at tomorrow's party and pinning it too.

  12. Those fabric carrots are too cute!

  13. What a cute Easter display! This is one of my features this week at the Snickerdoodle Link Party!

  14. Where did you find the peter Rabbits Carrot Farm and Cottontail Farms images? Are they printables?

  15. Penny!!!!
    I don;t even know what to say!!!
    Spectacular I think may be the right word!!!! I am amazed at your collection of asparagus pieces and faux vegetables!!! Something that I never would have thought of but something that I will definitely be on the hunt for!! You have given me so many ideas!! I never thought of doing this in a curio!! LOVE IT!!!!


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