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Friday, May 10, 2019

Farmhouse Bath with a Twist

I'm  calling  my style of decorating in the hall bath.....Farmhouse with a Twist.       I love all styles of decorating so it's really hard for me to stick with just one style as I decorate our home.   

The elegant mirrors in the hall bath are here to stay......probably!     About 20 years ago my mother and I each bought one at a local furniture store.     When she passed about 10 years ago,   I hung both of them together in the hall bath and I imagine they will be there for at least another 10 years!

I only decorate with things I love......never paying any attention to what's in style or "goes together"

My parents and grandparents had farms so when the Farmhouse style came out a few years ago,   I was really drawn to it.    H was raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York,   so he likes the farmhouse look as well.

I like a calm room,     so most of the time I decorate with soft colors.     Occasionally you will see me go rouge with a touch or two of orange in the fall or maybe some red at Christmas but that's about as wild as I get,

I love flowers and use a lot of them in my decor.....maybe too many for some people,,,,,,,,but,   my house,  my style

I bought this white enamel rooster and hen in the Christmas ornament isle at Hobby Lobby and I plan to use them year round.

I had a big cow picture hung over the toilet and I borrowed it to put over the faux fireplace in the master bedroom.     I thought it would be coming back soon,   so I didn't replace it.    Well,  it's been 5 months so I'm thinking it may not be coming!

I found this barn pic at Hobby Lobby the other day and thought it would be perfect to fill in the blank wall above the toilet. 

 Anyone remember the Green Acres TV show from years ago..... 

One of the lyrics in the song from that show was......Farm living is the life for me

H used the hall bath a lot,   so I hung a pretty pink truck in the window for him.

I love the fact that it's painted on corrugated metal.....  

Don't you think it adds a pop of color to the hall bath?

I like using the metal farm animals as towel holders.

I left the existing floral design on the counter......

I added a couple of towels to the floral container and put some sweet farm animals in front of it.      Love the boots they have on!

I know the light fixtures in my bath are really dated,    but I still love them,  so I guess they'll stay a while longer.    I have to admit I have been eyeing some of the Farmhouse light you never know when I'll change my mind!

Here's the ladies side of the counter.

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back soon!


  1. I like your bathroom and all the flowers in your home. The barn photo with Green Acres lyrics is so gorgeous. I like your style, so calm and peaceful. Happy Mother's Day. xo

  2. Your bathroom is beautiful and I LOVE those mirrors! So special that you can think of your mom every time you see them! ~Loni

  3. Everything turned out wonderful! I love the mirrors! They sure are keepers! Happy Mothers day to you! Leticia

  4. Thankyou for sharing your bathroom, love your style, and just love the cow and pig in boots, they made me fall totally in love. I love farmhouse.

  5. Penny,
    This bathroom is so charming and as I have said before, I love your mix of styles!!! I appreciate your attraction to Farmhouse and I enjoyed hearing about why you and H are so attracted to it!! But on the other hand, I do LOVE how you always mix in a bit of pink, shabby and even Victorian with all your farmhouse decor creating a truly unique, interesting and lovely style of your own!! Kudos to you!!

  6. Oh my! Your home is absolutely precious:) So pretty and shows how much you love it. I just found your blog and left a comment on your May 5 post. Hope you will read it:)

  7. So pretty, Penny. I love the farm animals. Especially the darling ones with the boots on! Part of my growing up years were spent on a farm so I have a feeling for that type of decor also. But the way you combine it with the more Victorian elements of your decor is unique. It all seems to fit together as if meant to be!

    Thanks for sharing your little bath. I loved looking at it all.

  8. Good morning, I hope your family treated you to a marvelous Mother's Day.
    Penny, I love the animals in wellies. Guess what, I just found a pair of salt and pepper shakers on a site and bought them of cows in wellies. I have Blossom that found on Etsy and I order the pig from Hobby Lobby. Tell the girls Hobby Lobby have a few of your things online. I love the pink pickup in the bath window. I love pickups and drive one and so does my 83 old sister. We girls love our pickups. I do love how you decorate with what you love not what the "Today's Trend" is. It's always refreshing to visit your page.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Penny, your farmhouse bathroom is so charming and so you. I love the mirrors, they are so elegant. We are going to feature your post on the next Blogger's Pit Stop. Well done. Don't forget to collect your winners badge.

  10. I love those mirrors. I too don't worry about style or what goes together. If I like it I'll find a place for it and make it work. :)

  11. Love this room and especially love those mirrors Penny.
    Thanks for sharing this room at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring your farmhouse bath with a twist at tomorrow's party and pinning too.

  12. I love your pig towel holder. My house eclectic style, since I tend to love different styles. You are always giving me ideas to work on.

  13. You've added so many lovely touches to your hall bathroom, Penny! That rooster and hen are adorable, too!

  14. I love the animal towel holders--so fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  15. The pick up truck is adorable. I wish I'd seen the enamel rooster and pig at Hobby Lobby.


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